Louie Louie

(Richard Berry)

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An interesting article from louielouie.net:
Foggy G, "The Songs That Were Played," We're Only In It For The Touring

1973-74: Need I explain everything? (Only performed once.) [Well, I guess I should explain everything, so Jon Naurin adds..."...with alternated lyrics, a la "Ruthie Ruthie". This time it's about the sound engineer Brian (i.e "Brian, Brian"—cf. YCDTOSA #1 just before "Babette"—nice CC there!). The echoey hall prevents me from hearing the words though."]

1974 (May): Exactly performed as on "Unmitigated Audacity" from Beat the Boots Volume I, with this performance being the only one from this tour.

1974 (Jul-Dec): Yes, it pops its teenage head up once again. Just Frank being Frank, so whether it be as a stand alone song, or incorporated within another tune, "Louie Louie" made its requisite appearance.

RUTHIE RUTHIE- A one time only performance (11/8), represented in all its glory on YCDTOSA I. At the request of an audience member, Frank decides to play "Louie Louie", conceding to all in attendance that they might as well play it since they are "only in Passaic". Ruth begins the festivities with a short percussion rendition of the tune, before we get the full blown "Ruthie Ruthie" version.



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