Lumpy Gravy

Lumpy Gravy

(Frank Vincent Zappa & The Abnuceals Emuukha Electric Symphony Orchestra & Chorus, LP, Verve V/V6-8741, May 13, 1968)


  1. [00:00] The Way I See It, Barry 0:06
  2. [00:06] Duodenum 1:32
  3. [01:38] Oh No 2:03
  4. [03:41] Bit Of Nostalgia 1:35
  5. [05:16] It's From Kansas 0:30
  6. [05:46] Bored Out 90 Over 0:31
  7. [06:17] Almost Chinese 0:25
  8. [06:42] Switching Girls 0:29
  9. [07:11] Oh No Again 1:13
  10. [08:24] At The Gas Station 2:41
  11. [11:05] Another Pickup 0:54
  12. [11:59] I Don't Know If I Can Go Through This Again 3:49


  1. [00:00] Very Distraughtening 1:33
  2. [01:33] White Ugliness 2:22
  3. [03:55] Amen 1:33
  4. [05:28] Just One More Time 0:58
  5. [06:26] A Vicious Circle 1:12
  6. [07:38] King Kong 0:43
  7. [08:21] Drums Are Too Noisy 0:58
  8. [09:19] Kangaroos 0:57
  9. [10:16] Envelops The Bath Tub 3:42
  10. [13:58] Take Your Clothes Off 1:53

Capitol Studios, Hollywood
February 13 & March 14-16, 1967

People inside the piano:
Apostolic Studios, NYC
October, 1967

Produced by Frank Zappa
Original sessions produced by Nick Venet
Engineered by: Joe, Rex, Pete, Jim, Bob, Gary & Dick Kunc

Liner put together by Cal Schenkel

with maybe even some members of the mothers of invention

Paul Smith
Mike Lang
Lincoln Mayorga
Pete Jolly
Johnny Guerin
Frankie Capp
Shelly Manne
(Gongs, Bells, Vibes, Marimba, Timpani, Timbales & assorted insanity):
Emil Richards
Gene Estes
Alan Estes
Victor Feldman
Kenneth Watson (uncredited)
Thomas Poole (uncredited)
(Flute, Bass Flute, Piccolo, Oboe, English Horn, Eb Clarinet, Bb Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Contrabass Clarinet, Alto Sax, Bass Sax, Bassoon & Contrabassoon):
Ted Nash
Jules Jacob
John Rotella
Bunk Gardner
Don Christlieb
Gene Cipriano
Arthur Maebe
Vincent De Rosa
Richard Perissi
Arthur E. Briegleb (uncredited)
David A. Duke (uncredited)
George F. Price (uncredited)
Jimmy Zito
Kenneth Shroyer
Lew McCreary (uncredited)
Jim Helms (credited as Jim Haynes)
Tommy Tedesco
Tony Rizzi
Al Viola
Dennis Budimir
Bob West
John Balkin
Jimmy Bond
Lyle Ritz
Chuck Berghofer
Sid Sharp—violin
Alexander Koltun—violin
Tibor Zelig—violin
Ralph Schaeffer—violin
Bernard Kundell—violin
William Kurasch—violin
James Getzoff—violin
Arnold Belnick—violin
Leonard Malarsky—violin
Harold Ayres—violin
Jerome J. Reisler—violin
Phillip Goldberg—viola
Leonard Selic—viola
Harry Hyams—viola
Joseph DiFiore—viola
Jerome A. Kessler—cello
Raymond J. Kelley—cello
Joseph Saxon—cello
Jesse Ehrlich—cello
Harold G. Bemko—cello

Louie The Turkey
Ronnie Williams
Dick Barber "Foon The Younger"
Roy Estrada
Spider (Barbour)
J.K. (Adams) & Tony (Bongiovi)
Gilly (Townley) and the girls from Apostolic (Maxine, Becky (Wentworth), Susan Kelly)
All Night John (Kilgore)
The other John (Townley)
Larry Fanoga
Monica (Boscia)
Jimmy Carl Black (the Indian of the group)

Sammy (Whiteside)
Harold (Kelling)
Charlie (Phillips)
Bruce (Hampton)
and the rest of the guys from Atlanta

Sid Sharp [contractor]
Bob Ross [copyist]
Smiling Jack
Ben Barrett
my pumpkin
John Judnich


1. Lumpy Gravy Part One 15:48

1. [00:00] The Way I See It, Barry 0:06

Spider: The way I see it, Barry, this should be a very dynamite show.

2. [00:06] Duodenum 1:32

Studio Z, Cucamonga
c. 1964


3. [01:38] Oh No 2:03

includes a line from the World's Greatest Sinner soundtrack and Run Home Cues, #2


4. [03:41] Bit Of Nostalgia 1:35

includes a fragment of Hurricane (Sigarlaki)

Conrad Couwenberg—guitar
Ed Sigarlaki—guitar
Don Sigarlaki—bass
Patrick Couwenberg—drums

Spider: Bit of nostalgia for the old folks!

Gilly: I'm advocating dark clothes.
Becky: If I'm not alone . . . How long have I been asleep?
Gilly: As long as I have.
Maxine: Did you ever live in a drum?
Becky: No.
Maxine: Well then you aren't me.
Gilly: I only dreamt I lived in a drum. Ever since it got dark. Dreaming is hard.
Susan Kelly: Yea, but with nothing over your head?
Gilly: No, just light, over my head. And underneath too.
Susan Kelly: I don't think I could take it without anything over my head.
Maxine: Mm-mmh, me neither.
Becky: Well why don't you go out and see what's out there?
Gilly: Well . . . I don't know if that's what's out there.
Maxine: Now that's a thought.
Gilly: Yes . . .
Maxine: If you'd like . . .
Gilly: But still you can say darker and darker. I don't know what the outside of this thing looks like at all.
Guy #1: I do. It's dark and murky.
John Kilgore: How do you get your . . . your water so dark?
Guy #1: 'Cause I'm paranoid. I'm very paranoid. And the water in my washing machine turns dark out of sympathy.
John Kilgore: Out of sympathy?
Guy #1: Yes.
John Kilgore: Um . . . where can I get that?
Guy #1: At your local drugstore.
John Kilgore: How much?

5. [05:16] It's From Kansas 0:30

Pal Recording Studio, Cucamonga, CA
January, 1961

Chuck Foster—trumpet
Tony Rodriquenz—trumpet
Chuck Glave—drums

Guy #1: It's from Kansas.

6. [05:46] Bored Out 90 Over 0:31

Motorhead: Bored out .90 over with three Stromberg 97s.

7. [06:17] Almost Chinese 0:25

Larry: Almost Chinese, huh?
Girl #1: Yeah!
Motorhead: Good bread, 'cause I was making, uh . . . $2.71 an hour

8. [06:42] Switching Girls 0:29

includes a bit of Oh No

Motorhead: I keep switching girls all the time, because if I'm able to find a girl with really a groovy car that ain't build up, man, I'll go steady with her for a while until I'd build up her car and blow out the engine!

9. [07:11] Oh No Again 1:13


10. [08:24] At The Gas Station 2:41

includes last part of Oh No

Motorhead: I worked in a cheesy newspaper company for a while but that was terrible, I wasn't making enough money to build anything . . .


Motorhead: And then I worked in a printing company and a coupla gas stations. Oh, at the gas station where I was working my brother just got married, and uh . . . he bought a new car and his wife was having a kid and all this miserable stuff, and he needed a job so I gave him a job at the gas station of which I was fired because, you know, he was gonna work there. And he had his car on the rack and he was lubing and changing tires and everything all the time. And so they got fired because he was goofing off, man, and he just kept taking parts and working on his car day and night. And so he lost that job and he went to work in another gas station. He took that one, you know, so he could feed the kids and that. And I went to work in an aircraft company, and uh . . . I was building these planes. I worked on the XB-70, I was the last welder on there. Yeah but, it was pretty good bread because I was making, uh . . . $2.71 an hour. I was making a hundred and a quarter a week, and uh . . . yeah, it was good enough money to be working on, so I got an Oldsmobile, a groovy Olds. But I was going with this chick at that time. By the time I got the Olds running decently, she went out and tore up the engine, and the trans, and a—her and a girlfriend they get in there and booze it up and tear up the seats. Just ripped the seats completely out. So uh . . . when, I got a '56 Olds, which was this one chick's I was going with, and uh . . . we used to drive out all over the place and finally she got rid of that, and uh . . . I got another pickup!

Yeah, man . . . full speed power . . . yeah, baby . . . but anyway, man . . . I put sixteen bucks . . . aw yeah . . . hot daddy . . . whiskey . . . tornado . . . where it's at, baby . . . Otis Redding, Joe Tex . . .

11. [11:05] Another Pickup 0:54

Fillmore Auditorium, San Francisco, CA
June 24-25, 1966

Ray Collins—harmonica
Elliot Ingber—guitar
Roy Estrada—bass
Jimmy Carl Black—drums


12. [11:59] I Don't Know If I Can Go Through This Again 3:49

includes music from the World's Greatest Sinner soundtrack

Oh man, I don't know if I can go through this again!

2. Lumpy Gravy Part Two 15:51

1. [00:00] Very Distraughtening 1:33

includes a fragment of Ronnie Sings? and a quotation from Merry-Go-Round (Fischer)

Ronnie Williams: Buh-bah-bahdn
Spider: Oh!
John: There it went again..
Spider: It's a little pig . . . with wings
Pig With Wings: EE . . .
Gross Man: I hear you've been having trouble with pigs and ponies!

Left channel:
Calvin: To . . . just the opposite . . . going around to the other direction

Right channel:
Calvin: How 'bout us, don't we get any?
Gail: We don't get any . . .
Calvin: That's very distraughtening
Gail: We don't get any because we're otherwise

Spider: Everything in the universe is . . . is . . . is made of one element, which is a note, a single note. Atoms are really vibrations, you know, which are extensions of THE BIG NOTE, everything's one note. Everything, even the ponies. The note, however, is the ultimate power, but see, the pigs don't know that, the ponies don't know that. Right?
Monica: You mean just we know that?
Spider: Right!

Spider: "Merry Go Round! Merry Go Round! Do-Do-Do-Do Do-Do-Do Do-Do-Do!" and they called that "doing their thing."
John: Oh yeah, that's what doing your thing is!
Spider: The thing is to put a motor in yourself.

2. [01:33] White Ugliness 2:22

Louis: Grrr . . . Arf arf arf ar-ar-ar-ar-ar! Teeth out there, and ready to attack 'em. . . I had to fight back and hit 'em, like . . . you know . . . hit 'em and hit 'em and hit 'em, and . . . kick 'em and kick 'em and . . .
Roy: Did they get on top of you?
Louis: No, I fought so back, hard back, and, it was . . .
Roy: Hard back?
Louis: White!
Roy: White?
Louis: Yeah, white ugliness
Roy: Did it have teeth?
Louis: And it was two, it was two boogey-men that were on the side and, we were . . . already blocked the entrance, so I had to . . . I had to kick, I had to fight to f-four or five boogey-men in front of me . . .
Roy: Then . . . but maybe he can turn into . . . I wonder if he could maybe be [...] PFFFT!
Louis: Yes, extremely vicious
Roy: I don't know, those po— . . . I heard those ponies are really vicious!
Louis: I know . . . but, I know they're vicious, but they . . .
Roy: Their claws!
Louis: He d-d . . . he doesn't have to be able to do it
Roy: They get on top of you, and they just tear you apart
Louis: I know . . .
Roy: Tee . . .
Louis: Scars over here, see, scars right here. Yeah . . .
Roy: Teeth to limb! Teeth to limb! I mean, toe to ta— . . . man, I hope they don't get him
Louis: Ponies! I-i-if-if, if . . . is . . .
Roy: Was it white? Are you sure it wasn't w-white, I mean, uh, black, or . . .
Louis: Well, I think they're white, but I was too scared to notice their physical . . .
Roy: Gold or something?
Louis: I was too, I was too scared to no . . . n-no . . . uh-no . . . uh-notice their physical, ahh . . . appearance, 'cause they . . . they-they were attackin' me!
Roy: They were?
Louis: Yeah, they were . . . they were attackin' me!
Roy: What were they doin' to you?
Louis: Well, they were . . . they were like, they were . . . comin' and surroundin' me 'n everything else, and they were attackin' me and I had to fight back, fight, fight and fight back and . . . pick up sticks . . .
Roy: Pick-up-sticks?
Louis: Yes, pick up sticks, you know?
Roy: I used to play that game, Pick-up-sticks
Louis: Me too, did you ever play that game?
Roy: Yeah!
Louis: Yes! That's funny! HA HA HA!
Roy: Anyway, come back to the horse . . . back to the horse? To the pony
Louis: HA HA HA HA! Now . . .
Roy: Anyway . . .
Louis: Yes, pony, or . . .
Roy: President . . .
Louis: Or pope, I dunno, ah, I dunno . . .
Roy: I don't know . . .
Louis: Something down there is dangerous.
Roy: Could be a cigar or somethin'
Louis: Yeah . . .
Roy: A cigar?
Louis: A cigar? Naw, you're insane, come on!
Roy: Nohhh, no . . . I remember when I was a . . . no I don't remember. Those were the days!
Louis: Boy, you must spend all your life down here!
Roy: That was before the days of those horses
Louis: Yes, before the days of the . . . all the . . . ow-uh . . . ponies or boogey-men or somethin', what's out there
Roy: But then there was a . . . what was it then? No pimples?
Louis: No, I never did.
Roy: Sure!
Louis: Positively
Roy: You had to have 'em.
Louis: Naw, naw . . .
Roy: You've got one right in your nose right now!
Louis: HA HA HA HA! Scrtch-ch-ch! Scratchin' them . . .
Roy: Boy, I'm gettin' tired, man. We should go . . .
Louis: Oh, yes . . .
Roy: We should go to sleep
Louis: Oh, yeah . . .
Roy: I just hope he comes back . . .
Louis: Yes . . . Listen!
Roy: I think I'll pray for him
Louis: I think I'll join you
Roy: You do yours and I'll do mine . . .
Louis: Okay . . . HA HA HA HA!
Roy: And we'll hope for the best. HEH HEH HEH!
Louis: HA HA HA HA HA! I'll pray for [...] Motorhead
Roy: Now I lay me down to sleep . . .

3. [03:55] Amen 1:33

Roy: Amen!
Louis: Amen . . .

4. [05:28] Just One More Time 0:58

Ronnie Williams:
Oh yeah!
That's just fine!
Come on boys!
Just one more time!

Spider: I think I can explain about . . . about how the pigs' music works
Monica: Well, this should be interesting
Spider: Remember that they make music with a very dense light, and remember about the smoke standing still and how they . . . they really get uptight when you try to move the smoke, right?
Monica: Right
John: Yeah?
Spider: I think the music in that dense light is probably what makes the smoke stand still. Any sort of motion has this effect on . . . on the ponies' manes. You know, the thing on their neck
John: Hmm . . .
Spider: As soon as the pony's mane starts to get good in the back any sort of mo . . . motion, especially of smoke or gas, begins to make the ends split.
John: That's the basis of all their nationalism. Like if they can't salute the smoke every morning when they get up . . .
Spider: Yeah, it's a vicious circle. You got it.

5. [06:26] A Vicious Circle 1:12

Gross Man: Pony!

6. [07:38] King Kong 0:43


7. [08:21] Drums Are Too Noisy 0:58

Larry: Drums are too noisy, 'n you've got no corners to hide in!

John: So when she's beating him over the nose with a tire iron. and then we both jump away and disappear, and the pig will turn around and there'll be this pony

8. [09:19] Kangaroos 0:57

Spider: Oh no, man . . .
Monica: Oh . . .
Spider & Monica: Kangaroos!
Monica: And then they eat it when they get home
John: If it's still alive

Spider: Envelops the bath tub

9. [10:16] Envelops The Bath Tub 3:42

Calvin: 'Cause round things are . . . are boring . . . hhh . . .

10. [13:58] Take Your Clothes Off 1:53

Pal Recording Studio, Cucamonga, CA
March, 1963

Paul Buff—organ
Allison Buff—vocals
FZ—guitars, drums, bass, percussion



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