The Mud Shark

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Foggy G, "The Songs That Were Played," We're Only In It For The Touring

1970: Well, the story is the same, and so is the music, though, of course, we do get some slight variation in Frank's retelling of this ocean-sweeping phenomena. The majority of these setlist references, however, refer to the end of "Little House I Used To Live In", where the song is used as a sort-of Secret Word, and not to the full-blown affair, as heard on the "Fillmore East" album.

1971: Essentially performed as on "Fillmore East—June 1971".

1973: Yes, it returns, sweeping the Pacific ocean this time round, washing ashore on the coast of Australia one fateful July afternoon. An audience member requests it, Frank performs it, nothing changes, and everyone goes home happy. The End.

1973-74: Yes, again this craze sweeps the nation, despite (or due to?) the fact that the Bebop Tango is threatening to take its place in the heart of millions. The story has not changed, neither has the music, and everybody enjoys it as always. Apparently only performed once on this tour, but isn't that enough? [Jon Naurin adds- "This is the best version I've heard, though. The band is hot this night, and the Mudshark developes into a good guitar solo, which soon turns into another round of "Louie Louie"/"Brian Brian"."]

1974: Yes, ladies and gentleman, the dance that is sweeping across the Atlantic, swept into San Diego one August night (where's the Navy when you need them?) and corrupted the minds of a whole new generation. I haven't heard this show, so I cannot comment on the tune, but Jon Naurin tells me that it was essentially performed as it was in '71 and '73- the only difference being the spontaneous FZ- conducted improv. The story is the same, and Frank even has the audience singing "mud-sh-sh-sh-shaaaark."

1975-76: Despite the popularity of the Bebop Tango, this tune continues to sweep the ocean, infecting yet another tour with its tale of music and the debauchery that accompanies it. Essentially performed as always, with the story remaining the same after all these years.

Charles Ulrich, Planet Of My Dreams

A fan who attended the 12/10/72 Seattle show told me, "The audience was hounding him to play it. So reluctantly, he told the band what to play. It was a much better version [than the one on the Fillmore album]. He also showed the audience the dance."


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