The Little House I Used To Live In

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Part 1 (Little House Piano Solo)
Part 2 (The Return Of The Son Of The Hunchback Duke)
Part 3 (Little Chamber Music I Used To Play)



Foggy G, "The Songs That Were Played," We're Only In It For The Touring

1968: Essentially performed as on "Burnt Weeny Sandwich", with the standard deviation coming in the myriad of solos and in the random conducting thrown at the band by Frank. While "King Kong" is the springboard for a parade of more straightforward jazz solos, this tune is the springboard for a variety of random and typically chaotic improvisation. After the main theme is performed, as on "Burnt Weeny Sandwich", the music quiets down and sets the stage for the madness that ensues. While the music jumps from calm to riotous, with a variety of soloists adding their say throughout, these instrumental excursions are marked by a continual presence of Frank's guitar. Compared to the typical "King Kong" solos- where each soloist flew alone- these outings are more jumbled affairs, with soloists fighting each other, invading each other's space, and trying to overcome the typically manic rhythm section. Thus, as part of this madness, Frank's guitar is consistently involved in the happenings, by either adding chorded textures or rolling along with the flow.

1970 Jun-Dec: Essentially performed as on "Freaks and Motherfu*#@%!" from Beat the Boots Volume I. This song serves as a musical link to several other numbers in the repertoire, containing either vocal and/or musical references to "Penis Dimension", "Bwana Dik", and "Mudshark".

1977-78: The great shame of Zappa's officially released catalog- where is this version of this song? For this tour, Ian Underwood's greatly understated piano intro from the original tune is arranged- quite majestically- for an entire band. Sounds like "The Black Page" on lots of 'ludes. But like "Pound for a Brown", the majestic opening is nothing more than the obligatory setup for a monster solo section. First, keyboards galore- soloing away to their hearts content- with Terry and Patrick providing some inspiring support. Frank would then step up, conduct the band through some random musical madness, and then, the crown in this jewel, he would give us the Sheik Yerbouti Tango. The band would start playing the tango groove, and Frank would take his solo. Always in top form, FZ was for this one. Truly, this song is one of the feathers in Frank's touring cap, and it is quite a shame that we have no complete version of this in the officially released canon. Note: the "SY Tango" from the "Sheik Yerbouti" is taken from the LHIUTLI performance from the 2/15 show.

1978: This version of this tune is a full band arrangement of Ian Underwood's song opening piano solo. After this main theme is performed, the band was off into solo territory, with the keyboards typically going first, a little drum and bass madness, and depending on the show, possibly some FZ action. The 10/31 performance included Shankar.

LOBSTER GIRL- During Patrick O'Hearn's bass solos on 10/15 and during the Halloween run (in whatever song these solos may be in), he would spin strange little tales of drugs, sex, and general weirdness. This officially released "song" from YCDTOSA Volume VI is from O'Hearn's "Little House I Used To Live In" bass solo from the 10/29 show.

The Different Versions:

An attempt to compare "The Little House I Used To Live In" (Burnt Weeny Sandwich), "Return Of The Hunch-Back Duke" (You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore Vol. 5), "Electric Bassoon Concerto (NYC, June 14, 1969), "Little House I Used To Live In" and "Mudshark Variations" (Beat The Boots I: Freaks & Motherfu*#@%!, Castle European version) "Little House I Used To Live In" (Fillmore East—June 1971) and "The Little House I Used To Live In" (Hammersmith Odeon), trying to follow Biffy's Nomenclature. Thanks also to Charles Ulrich and Tan Mitsugu. Corrections and additions welcome.

  BWS (Studio/Live, 1969) YCDTOSA 5 (Live, 1969) June 6, 1969 (London) June 14, 1969 (NYC) "Twinkle Tits" (March 7, 1970, LA) "200 Motels" (May 15, 1970, LA) RTV3 (Live, July 5, 1970) FEJ1971 (Live, 1971) HO (Live, 1978) Chicago '78 (Live, 1978)
Piano Theme A 00:00-00:20         06:44-07:17     00:00-00:22 0:00-0:52
Piano Theme B 00:20-00:50         07:17-07:47     00:22-01:31 0:52-2:00
Piano Theme C 00:50-01:34         10:24-11:27        
Piano Theme A 01:34-01:43         11:27-11:56     01:31-01:50 2:00-2:36
Piano Theme A                 06:36-07:08  
Duke Intro 1a             00:00-00:07      
Duke Intro 1b (Chamber Theme A)             00:07-00:20 00:00-00:46    
Duke Intro 2a (Chamber Theme A)               00:46-01:06    
Duke Intro 2b             00:20-00:49 01:06-01:38    
Duke Theme A 01:43-02:09           00:49-01:12 01:38-02:03    
Drum Break & 11/8 Riff 02:09-02:18           01:12-01:26 02:03-02:18    
Duke Theme B 02:18-02:50           01:26-01:52 02:18-02:34    
Duke Theme C 02:50-03:05 00:00-00:14         01:52-02:02 02:34-02:49    
Bridge 1 03:05-03:27 00:14-00:35         02:02-02:24 02:49-03:13    
Duke Theme C 03:27-03:32 00:35-00:40     01:40-01:45   02:24-02:29 03:13-03:18    
Bridge 2/guitar solo 03:32-03:39 00:40-00:47     01:45-01:55   02:29-02:38 03:18-03:30    
Duke Theme B 03:39-03:53 00:47-01:00                
Duke Theme C 03:53-03:59 01:00-01:05     01:55-02:00   02:38-02:42 03:30-03:43    
Bridge 2/guitar solo 03:59-04:18 01:05-01:19     02:00-07:16   02:42-02:53 03:43-03:58    
Duke Theme B             02:53-03:15 03:58-04:28    
Duke Theme C             03:15-03:26 04:28-04:41    
Drum/Guitar solo 04:18-05:13 01:19-01:44                
Violin/Piano solos 05:13-13:35                  
Chamber Intro 13:35-13:45   00:25-00:31              
Chamber Theme A (Duke Intro 1b & 2a) 13:45-13:53   00:31-00:38              
Chamber Theme B1 13:53-14:19   00:38-01:08              
Chamber Theme B2 14:19-14:36   01:08-01:21 00:17-00:31            
Chamber Theme A 14:36-14:54   01:21-01:40 00:31-00:47            
Organ solo/Aybe Sea 14:54-17:12                  
FZ/London Audience 17:12-18:41                  


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