Twinkle Tits

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Foggy G, "The Songs That Were Played," We're Only In It For The Touring

1970 Hot Rats Band: This one-time only performance- a waltz!- resembles a light-hearted version of "Little House I Used To Live In". While actual pieces of "Little House" are found in this extended instrumental, new pieces of music are found in the opening theme. After the short intro, Frank takes a one minute solo, after which the song begins toying with the borrowed themes as noted above. Approximately two and a half minutes into the song, we enter the solo zone, with Harris, Underwood, and the rhythm section getting an opportunity to display their chops. Again, Frank's rhythm work is awesome throughout (this is the great fault of FZ shows from the mid-70's on-> no Frank playing rhythm). Frank eventually takes a second solo, during which there is an interesting cut in the tape.

0:00-0:13 Theme A  
0:13-1:18 Vamp A—guitar solo  
1:18-1:31 Theme A  
1:31-1:40 Riff A  
1:40-1:46 Theme B—Little House I Used To Live In  
1:46-1:55 Riff B—guitar break  
1:55-2:03 Theme B—Little House I Used To Live In  
2:03-7:16 Vamp B—violin and guitar solos  

Conceptual Continuity


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