Bobby Brown (Goes Down)

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Foggy G, "The Songs That Were Played," We're Only In It For The Touring

1977-78: Essentially performed as on "Sheik Yerbouti", which is excusable this time around being as this is the first tour the song appears.

1978 Aug-Oct: Essentially performed as it was always performed.

1979: Played at least three times—twice in March, and then later as an encore during the "chock-full-of-surprises" 4/1 show. Performed as it was destined always to be performed, regardless of year, band size, or Frank's mood.

1980 Mar-Jul: Even with this smaller, somewhat humbler band, Frank is able to play this song as its always been played—as with the large groups, the medium groups, the puny groups. Some things just never change.

1980 Oct-Dec: While Steve Vai's presence on this tour does wonders for the "You Are WhatYou Is" material, it seems to have absolutely no effect on this tune. Imagine that.

1981: Yes, the same version we have all grown to know and love. No changes, but with a story as perfect as this, why should there be?

1982: Imagine a world where this song was once—possibly twice—performed differently. Too hard to imagine? Hurting your brain? Okay, forget about it then. It's not like that ever would have happened, so...

1984: Essentially played as on YCDTOSA Volume III. A common vehicle for Secret Word usage.

1988: In the grand tradition of "Bobby Brown"'s, this song ends its brilliant career exactly the same way it started (accounting for obvious differences in instrumentation, obviously). Why change a good thing, right?


Conceptual Continuity

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