Road Tapes, Venue #3

The concert

Thomas Utne, "Mothers Of Invention—Zappa De Guthrie," Hundred Flowers, July 10, 1970

The concert, last on a three week road tour for the Mothers and their inventive father Frank Zappa, was their second appearance in a year at the Guthrie. [...] The new Mothers, with Ian Underwood the only mainstay, got together just six weeks ago (on Mother's Day, natch).

[...] The Mothers played almost completely different sets in the two shows, and the predominance of old songs during the evening suggests a significant breakthrough on Zappa's part.


The Recording

Liner notes by Joe Travers, 2016

The master tapes are in excellent shape and were recorded live to stereo 2-track Reel-to Reel. One unfortunate problem, outside of some occasional azimuth adjustments, was dealing with reel one. The master tape was re-used and material was recorded over with the live performance. Unfortunately whenever there is a quiet passage, or the signal to tape isn't loud enough, the old audio is audible . . . and backwards! Thankfully this is only heard during the first 35 minutes or so of the entire program. This explains the constant shift in stereo image, as we had to literally delete the left channel and process the right channel in "Stereo."

Real stereo vs. processed stereo
Track Real Stereo Processed Stereo
"King Kong" 0:00-2:58  
"Wonderful Wino" 0:00-3:27  
"Concentration Moon"   0:00-2:34
"Mom & Dad"   0:00-3:25
"The Air"   0:00-3:46
"Dog Breath" 0:00-2:01  
"Mother People" 0:00-0:19  
"You Didn't Try To Call Me"   0:00-2:03
"Agon—Interlude"   0:00-0:36
"Call Any Vegetable" 0:00-2:08  


disc 1

6. The Air



12. King Kong/Igor's Boogie


13. It Can't Happen Here

All right, now, the name of this song is "I'm Crying For Sharleena," and uh, it'll probably be released under the pseudonym of The Bognor Regis.


15. The 23rd "Mondellos"

We've been on the road for 23 days.

Charles Ulrich, "Frank Zappa Gig List: 1970," The Planet Of My Dreams, 2012

70/06/12, San Antonio, TX, Municipal Auditorium, CONFIRMED
70/07/05, Minneapolis, MN, Tyrone Guthrie Theater, 2 shows, CONFIRMED

Here we have Larry Mondello . . .


disc 2

10. Call Any Vegetable

FZ: Paul McCartney!


11. Mondello's Revenge

I'll tell you what the Larry Mondello is all about

Thomas Utne, "Mothers Of Invention—Zappa De Guthrie," Hundred Flowers, July 10, 1970

Larry Mondello, presently a member of the Mothers of Invention, a popular rock group, was in town last week to make a personal appearance for the Bring Back the Beaver movement. [...] Amongst the new Mothers are the two fat guys from the old Turtles, including the one with the incredible voice and the one that used to be on Leave it to Beaver.

"Frank Zappa Speaks," Hundred Flowers, July 10, 1970

HF: Didn't one of [the ex-Turtles] used to be on Leave it to Beaver?

Z: That's the 'Larry Mondello case.' They've been both mistaken for Larry Mondello for six years. It used to be Corky, the fat little kid that took care of Lassie between Jeff and Timmy. At every concert for six years one of them has been mistaken for that kid on Beaver. Their real names are Mark Volman and Howie Kaylan.

Jeff Simmons STS 1057 on bass

We'd like to dedicate this song to The Red Throbber


12. The Clap (Chunga's Revenge)



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