Halloween 77

The Palladium, NYC—October 28, 1977—Show 2

6. Pound For A Brown

New York, New York, New York
I love New York

Aaron S., "A Brief History Of The 'I Love New York' Logo," Logoworks Blog, October 24, 2013

One of the most widely distributed and imitated images in the world, the "I Love New York Logo" [...] was created by graphic designer Milton Glaser and first used in 1977 to promote the city and state.


7. Bobby Brown Goes Down

Go talk to Mick Jagger for sexist lyrics.


9. Flakes

(You wanna buy an unused copy of Music From Big Pink, Bob?)

"Music From Big Pink," Wikipedia: The Free Encyclopaedia, July 1, 2018

Music from Big Pink is the debut studio album by the Band. [...] The cover artwork is a painting by [Bob] Dylan.


16. Titties 'N Beer

Come on, spit it out, boy!

Have I ever lied to you?

Have you heard of a device called The Tower Of Power?

I can just see Mo and Dave Berman squatting on that thing.


17. Audience Participation #2

I never promised you a rose garden.


25. Muffin Man

Nils Lofgren!



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