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Foggy G, "The Songs That Were Played," We're Only In It For The Touring

1973: This title refers to part five of the "Don't Eat" suite as it is performed on this tour, and is the source for the track "Farther O'Blivion" from YCDTOSA Volume VI. When the band finishes playing the first half of "St. Alphonso's" for the second time (see "Father O'Blivion"), Frank launches into this spiel about the wonders of mar-juh-rene (margarine). He usually begins by singing "I stole the mar-juh-rene, I admit it, I did it", then goes on about rubbing it on, etc. Then, bringing the band on down behind him, Frank proceeds to spell "mar-juh-rene", stopping at each letter and telling the audience what it stands for. Example: M stands for the Majesty that is the Mar-juh-rene, A stands for the Agony that is this sound system, R stands for Repeat, which is what I keep having to do so I can hear myself in the monitor, etc. He even designates meanings for the dashes. Throughout the tour, we get monitor jokes, sex jokes, local references, and the occasional solicitation from an audience member as to what a particular letter should stand for. This bit is amusing the first time, but tends to wear very thin on repeated listens. After Frank finishes spelling "mar-juh-rene", the band picks up the groove and shifts into an uptempo shuffle, with Frank throwing out guitar riffs. It is from this section that the YCDTOSA Volume VI "Farther O'Blivion" track is taken, with the section serving as the finale to the "Don't Eat" suite. After Frank says "Join the March and Eat My Starch", the band jumps headfirst into the epic "Farther O'Blivion" (which is NOT the one from YCDTOSA Volume VI).


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