Johnny's Theme

Written by Paul Anka; originally written as "Toot Sweet," with added lyrics in 1959 renamed as "It's Really Love," and re-written in 1962 for Johnny Carson's The Tonight Show

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"Johnny's Theme" on "Tinsel Town Rebellion"

It has always been assumed that this, from the end of the song "Tinsel Town Rebellion" on all known versions—in this case, from the original Tinsel Town Rebellion (1981) version—is a quotation from this, the theme of The Tonight Show (aka "Johnny's Theme"), but it has been questioned lately, as the notes don't exactly match. Any comments?

A partial list of "Johnny's Theme" quotes, compiled by Charles Ulrich

11/13/70 New York (Porko The Magnificent, as heard on Tengo Na Minchia Tanta)
11/20/70 Columbus (stand-alone)
1971 (all performances of Billy The Mountain, as heard on Just Another Band From L.A. and Playground Psychotics)
12/2/72 (late) Kansas City (stand-alone)
1980-1984 (all performances of I'm A Beautiful Guy, as heard on You Are What You Is and YCDTOSA 3)

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