I'm So Cute

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Foggy G, "The Songs That Were Played," We're Only In It For The Touring

1976 Oct-Nov: A beast of an altogether different nature. Sounds like "Frank Zappa plays the music of The Rolling Stones". The tune starts off with a typical Charlie Watts 4/4 drum beat, with Frank and Ray setting up the tune with some distorted chords. Bozzio sings the same lyrics, but in an entirely different style (sounds like a Stones song, I tell you). The lines "Everybody, see his hair..." essentially serve as the chorus, with Bianca singing along beautifully in the back. We return to the "verses", Bozzio yells "Die, you ugly fuckers", and then we get a short but intense Jobson violin solo. The immediate post-solo vocals sound as if Bozzio is just improvising, before he leads us into the "Ugly is bad..." rant. After this, the song then gets really weird. In what could be called "Music that sounds like Hell", Jobson and Bozzio create a very slow, intense atmosphere, at which point Frank repeats the "Ugly is bad" mantra, and starts chanting "Hot burning fire". This part is hauntingly eerie, and manages to recreate what the soundtrack of Hell would probably sound like. Finally, this quickly dissolves into a Mystery Word section reminiscent of "White Person" from YCDTOSA Volume VI. On the whole, a very interesting and possible superior "I'm So Cute" experience.

1980 Oct-Dec: Essentially performed as o YCDTOSA Volume VI, with Harris doing a more than adequate job of filling Terry Ted's shoes.

The lyrics

1976 version

Charles Ulrich, August 25, 2003

The one circulating performance of I'm So Cute in fall 1976 featured a very different arrangement, with some different lyrics. In case you want to add them to your site, here they are, to the best of my ability to decipher them:

Feelin' sorry
Feelin' sad
So many ugly people
I feel bad
I'm so cute
They're so homely
Some of them
At home 'n lonely
Wish they could be
Very cute like me
They will never
Get to be
Some folks got it
Some folks don't
Some so ugly
They never won't

If you look good
Might as well admit it
I'm real groovy
And you should get it

See my hair
See my clothes
I'm sure you care
Bet you wish
You were killin' me
'Cause I sure am and also sweet
I'm sweet as honey
I'm a piece of cake
From the ???
'N ??? he take
Vitamin E
'N all the B's
The ginseng extract tweezes me

Well, step aside
I'm on a ride
I'm on a strut
I'm on a slide
Hey, ugly folks,
Go get some cyanide
An' die
Die you ugly suckers

[violin solo]

Die you ugly suckers

Well, this is the nation
Of beautiful people
Beautiful and clean
And healthy and carefree
Never get old (that's right)
Never smell bad (that's right)
Ugly is bad (that's right)
Bad is wrong (that's right)
Wrong leads to eternal damnation
An' hot burnin' fire
Hot burnin' fire
Hot burnin' fire
Screams of agony
Screams of agony
Screams of agony

Don't be alarmed
See that was just a demonstration, folks

Cute people never experience any discomfort

Ugly is wrong
Wrong is bad
Bad is sinful
Sin leads to eternal damnation
And hot burning fire
Hot burning fire
Hot burning fire
And screams of agony (yo-o)
Screams of agony (yo-o-o)
Screams of agony (wooooo)

[plus some vocal sound effects that I won't try to transcribe]

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