Billy The Mountain

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Foggy G, "The Songs That Were Played," We're Only In It For The Touring

1971: Essentially performed as on "Playground Psychotics", with the standard deviation coming in the Zappa/Preston jam during the "Studebaker Hoch" movement. I personally enjoy the JABFLA version better, as it is from later in the tour and hence is a little more lively. Unfortunately, Frank chose to edit the "Studebaker Hoch" jam out of that release, and thus the "Playground Psychotics" version becomes essential (unless you own "Apocrypha", but then you lack the continuity given by a complete performance). Also, Flo 'n' Eddie are given some leeway in their routine, and supposedly they actually "researched" the local area around each concert in an attempt to "personalize" each performance of this monster tune.

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Official releases

Contents PP (NYC, June, 1971) JABFLA (LA, August, 1971) CH (NYC, October, 1971)
BILLY the Mountain... 00:00-02:51 00:06-03:04 1. 01:56-04:40
Now, the man in the checkered suit... 02:51-03:19    
I gave him the money... 03:19-07:18 03:04-06:53 1. 04:40-08:39
Good bye to LAS VEGAS... 07:18-07:55   1. 08:39-09:16
Word just in... 07:55-10:43 06:53-10:27 1. 09:16-12:46
And GEORGE PUTNAM... 10:43-10:57   1. 12:46-13:06
We now have CONFIRMED REPORTS... 10:57-14:02 10:27-13:41 1. 13:06-16:37
LITTLE EMIL     1. 16:37-18:44
A mountain...? 14:02-16:11 13:41-15:57 1. 18:44-20:42
Some men say he could write... 16:11-17:15   1. 20:42-21:45
BEEF PIES!   15:57-16:44 1. 21:45-23:00
And that was the main influence... 17:15-21:24 16:44-20:54 1. 23:00-27:29
His peculiar attire... 21:24-22:27   1. 27:29-28:32
(solos) 22:27-25:45   2. 00:00-13:30
Fly to New York! 25:45-26:16   3. 00:00-00:28
His peculiar attire... 26:16-30:15 20:54-24:32 3. 00:28-04:12
Actual Studebaker Hawk picture supplied by Tim Rogers:

Studebaker Hawk

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