Labels & Distributors

This is a rough list of the main original releases (marked with an asterisk) and their reissues (USA & UK/EU) by main formats (LPs & CDs), labels, and distributors.

1966—LPs—Verve/MGM (USA)

1967—LPs—Verve/MGM/[EMI] (UK)

1967—LPs—Capitol (USA)

1969—LPs—Bizarre/Reprise/Warner Bros. (USA)

1969—LPs—Bizarre/Transatlantic Records (UK)

1970—LPs—Bizarre/Reprise/Warner Bros./[Seven Arts] (UK)

1971—LPs—Reprise (UK)

1971—LPs—United Artists Records (USA)

1971—LPs—United Artists Records (UK)

1971—LPs—Verve/MGM/Polydor (UK)

1973—LPs—Discreet/Warner Bros. (USA)

1973—LPs—Discreet (UK)

1976—LPs—Warner Bros. (USA)

1976—LPs—Warner Bros. (UK)

1977—LPs—Discreet/Reprise/Warner Bros. (USA)

1978—LPs—Discreet/Warner Bros. (USA)

1979—LPs—Zappa Records/Phonogram (USA)

1979—LPs—CBS (EU)

1981—LPs—Barking Pumpkin Records/CBS (USA)

1981—LPs—Barking Pumpkin Records (USA)

1984—LPs—Angel/EMI/Capitol (USA)

1984—LPs—Barking Pumpkin/Capitol (USA)

1984—LPs—EMI (UK)

1984—LPs—Angel/EMI/RCA (USA)

1984—CDs—EMI (EU)

1985—LPs—Zappa Records/Today Croydon (EU)

1986—LPs—MCA (USA)

1986—CDs—Barking Pumpkin/Rykodisc (USA)

1987—CDs—Zappa Records/Today Croydon (EU)

1987—LPs—Fame/EMI (UK)

1991—CDs—Barking Pumpkin (USA)

1995—CDs—Rykodisc (US/EU)

1995—LPs—Rykodisc (USA)

1998—LPs—Rykodisc/Simply Vinyl

2009—LPs—Barking Pumpkin/Classic Records

2012—CDs—Zappa Records/Universal

2012—LPs—Barking Pumpkin/Zappa Records/Universal



Research, compilation and maintenance by Román García Albertos
This page updated: 2017-10-19