Crush All Boxes [#1]

You Are What You Is

FZ, KPFT, Houston, TX, October 20, 1980

Interviewer: Well, anyway, we've got Frank's new album here, and it's called—

FZ: It's called Crush All Boxes.

Interviewer: Crush All Boxes, yeah. You told us when we did an interview by telephone with you a few months ago and you told us it was going to be called You Are What You Is. What happened to that?

FZ: Oh, I just changed my mind.


Fred Zeplinnn

Muziek Expres, Netherlands, 1980

Andere titel voor Zappa's nieuwe LP

Frank Zappa's nieuwe elpee zou de titel "Fred Zeplinnn" krijgen. Toen de plaat echter al helemaal klaar was overleed plotseling Led Zeppelin's drummer John Bonham. Het woordgrapje was toen niet leuk meer en Frank besloot op de valreep een andere titel aan z'n plaat te geven. Het werd "Crush All Boxes". Dat slaat op een al geruime tijd durende vete tussen hem en zijn vroegere platenmaatschappij, Warner Bros. Deze maatschappij wil achteraf nog geld proberen te maken uit de al lang ontbonden samenwerking met de oude meester. Het was de bedoeling om een aantal dozen (boxes) met verzamelplaten van ouder werk uit te brengen. En daar is Zappa het helemaal niet mee eens.

Translation by Kjell Knudde:

Another title for Zappa's new LP

Frank Zappa's new LP would receive the title "Fred Zeplinnn". When the record had been completely finished Led Zeppelin's drummer John Bonham suddenly passed away. All of a sudden the pun wasn't that funny anymore and at the last minute Frank decided to change the title of his record. It became "Crush All Boxes". This refers to a long-time feud between him and his former record company Warner Bros. This label still wants to cash in on their collaboration with the old master, which has been long terminated ever since. The intention was to release a couple of boxes with compilation records of older material. And that's something Zappa totally disagrees with.

George Tirebiter, "Frankly Speaking," Upbeat, December, 1980

Some of the new songs are on the album Zappa was working on right up before the tour. It was originally titled Fred Zeppelin, "but then John Bonham died, and I thought it would be in bad taste." So it's been changed to Crush All Boxes. And it will be yet another new record label for Zappa. This one's called Barking Pumpkin Records. The pumpkin part of the name is Frank's longstanding nickname for his wife, Gail, but the barking . . . ?

"Oh. She had a cough once."

In any case, it will be distributed independently, since Frank severed ties with Phonogram early this year after they refused to distribute the "Drafted" single.


Crush All Boxes, Sides One & Two

FZ, KUNM, Albuquerque, NM, October 11, 1980

Ladies and gentlemen, this is Frank Zappa, and I wanna tell you you're about to hear the world premiere of our new album which is called Crush All Boxes. This is the first time on Earth where this record has ever been played on a radio station and you got it. This is cut one, side one, and it's a song called "Doreen."

[...] Now we're going to play some more stuff from my new album which is called Crush All Boxes. This three songs are heard together so you won't hear me talk for a while. In fact you won't hear nothing but these songs for a while. And the names of the songs in their order are, "Some More Like That," followed by "Easy Meat," followed by our Halloween special song, "Goblin Girl."

[...] Anyway, I wanna play you side two of the new album which probably will be coming out by the end of October. It's called Crush All Boxes, and all these songs segue together and you should hear them in this one continuous blotch. And the titles are "Society Pages," "I'm A Beautiful Guy," Beauty Knows No Pain," "Charlie's Enormous Mouth," "Any Downers?," and "Conehead."

[...] This is Frank Zappa and you're listening to KUNM, and you've just heard side two of my new album which is called Crushed All Boxes, and the names of the tunes you've just listened to were "Society Pages," "I'm A Beautiful Guy," "Beauty Knows No Pain," "Charlie's Enormous Mouth," "Any Downers?," and "Conehead."

FZ, KPFT, Houston, TX, October 20, 1980

Interviewer: Oh, speaking of nice ones, tell us about your record that we just played. Totally forgot about that.

FZ: You just heard "Doreen," "Some More Like That," "Easy Meat," and "Goblin Girl."

Interviewer: And that's all from Frank's new album, which will be out when?

FZ: In about three or four weeks. It's called Crush All Boxes.

Interviewer: Yeah, you brought along the graphics—the color graphics of that record too.

FZ: Can we show it to the microphone?

Interviewer: Yeah, just hold it up and let them see it. You'll notice that it looks like—a bit like, just a bit like the original We're Only In It For The Money album.


Interviewer: Okay, well we have side two of the brand new Frank Zappa album that isn't in the store yet and won't be for another four weeks, already cued up. Do you want to tell us anything about it?

FZ: Yeah, all the songs segue together so it might as well play the whole side. The songs are "Society Pages," "I'm A Beautiful Guy," "Beauty Knows No Pain," "Charlie's Enormous Mouth," "Any Downers?," and "Conehead."

Mark Pinske, January 26, 2003

The Crush All Boxes that was played on the radio was an early collection of songs that we were working on at the time for Tinsel Town Rebellion & some of You Are What You Is.


Original Cover Art

Cal Schenkel: WHO THE F*@% IS FRANK ZAPPA?, YouTube, March 31, 2016

Crush All Boxes
"Crush All Boxes was the original title."

Calvin Schenkel, Zappa Fall Tour 80—Crush All Boxes, back cover

1980 Tour Book

Fall Tour 80 official T-shirt

Barking Pumpkin Records


Notes & Comments

Non Rolf, October 29, 2004

"Crush all boxes" is one of those notices you see around the business end of buildings—"The white zone is for loading and unloading only" would belong to the same class of utterance.


Differences with the released versions:

Side One

1. Doreen

2. Fine Girl

3. Easy Meat

4. Goblin Girl

Side Two

1. Society Pages

2. I'm A Beautiful Guy

3. Beauty Knows No Pain

4. Charlie's Enormous Mouth

5. Any Downers?

6. Conehead



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