KUNM, Albuquerque, NM
October 11, 1980

Ladies and gentlemen, this is Frank Zappa, and I wanna tell you you're about to hear the world premiere of our new album which is called Crush All Boxes. This is the first time on Earth where this record has ever been played on a radio station and you got it. This is cut one, side one, and it's a song called "Doreen."

[...] Now we're going to play some more stuff from my new album which is called Crush All Boxes. This three songs are heard together so you won't hear me talk for a while. In fact you won't hear nothing but these songs for a while. And the names of the songs in their order are, "Some More Like That," followed by "Easy Meat," followed by our Halloween special song, "Goblin Girl."

[...] Some of the new songs were written within the last few days. We have a song called "The Dangerous Kitchen," that I think you will enjoy. It's a tragic tale of what happens when you come home late at night to your house and you go in the kitchen and get something to eat and find out that somebody has left this total mess all over the place. It talks about the soft things that you step on on the floor that you don't know what they are, and the meat, you know, wrapped up in paper that's sitting out on the counter and the cats get to it and they have torn a hole in it and there's this stuff hanging out. And the stuff in the strainer that has a mind of its own. We have very wholesome material.

Anyway, I wanna play you side two of the new album which probably will be coming out by the end of October. It's called Crush All Boxes, and all these songs segue together and you should hear them in this one continuous blotch. And the titles are "Society Pages," "I'm A Beautiful Guy," Beauty Knows No Pain," "Charlie's Enormous Mouth," "Any Downers?," and "Conehead."

[...] This is Frank Zappa and you're listening to KUNM, and you've just heard side two of my new album which is called Crushed All Boxes, and the names of the tunes you've just listened to were "Society Pages," "I'm A Beautiful Guy," "Beauty Knows No Pain," "Charlie's Enormous Mouth," "Any Downers?," and "Conehead."



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