Roxy By Proxy

The Roxy Recordings

Liner notes

Original Production:
Recording Engineer: Kerry McNabb
Recording Medium: Wally Heider Mobile—2" Analog Tape, 16 Track, 30-ips

Recording dates & other sources

Liner notes

December 9 & 10, 1973

pbuzby, Zappateers, March 18, 2014

"Penguin In Bondage" has a different guitar solo from R&E (I think it is also different from the Un-Concert, but am not positive). "Village" sounds very different from R&E with Napoleon's original live vocal. "Echidna's" sounds similar to R&E (at least until the ending section which sounds heavily overdubbed on R&E) but FZ's guitar break in the middle is different. The drum breaks and trombone and keyboard solos in "Don't You Ever Wash" are also different.

pbuzby, Zappateers, March 19, 2014

Checking Un-Concert, yes, the solo is different, and the Un-Concert also does not have FZ's adlib "bring the band on down behind me boys" after "flapping her eight ounce wings" or the announcement about T'Mershi Duween at the end.

boguspomp, Zappateers, March 19, 2014

I checked the 1973 12 xx show (57 mins) with the R/P release.

Here is what I found. The Roxy/Proxy Bondage is 100% from there, Dog Breath too. Uncle Meat—not sure at least the last minute not. RNDZL 100% again yes.

After RDNZL and before Montana FZ says here is a song we have never done before, Montana. That tells me that this audience recording is from the 9th (maybe 8th). The Video clip we have seen incl Montana and Dupree's seem to be from the last day (10th ?) and the beginning from Roxy/Proxy from the middle show.

The beginning from Dupree's on Roxy/Proxy is again from the audience recording (only 3.52 mins, then aud ending).

So we have definitely 3 shows to expect. Comparing R/P and R+E shows, how many overdubs FZ put on the songs.

boguspomp, Zappateers, March 19, 2014

Update to R/P check-out.

Uncle meat is the same as the audience except the last 72 seconds. Montana on YCDTOSA IV has part of the solo from the audience. And yes, while we're at it. The first 1.37 of the vocals from the YCDTOSA IV are from the same Montana as seen on the youtube Video and also the out-chorus is from that version, before it switches back to the 1984 version.


The Cover Pictures

Early 1973—Emerson-Loew Studio

Roxy By Proxy

June 21, 1974—DiscReet Studio, LA, CA

Roxy By Proxy

Liner notes by GZ

Cover: Sherwin Tilton

Special tanks to Sherwin for giving us all the photos he took of FZ & The Roxy Performances. Unfortunately they are MIA.

1. "Carved In The Rock"

Hey! Brian Krokus, ladies and gentlemen, right back there! He is our mixer

There's another mixer out in the truck and you can't see him but he's awfully cute, his name is Kerry McNabb and he can hear us talking about him, but . . .


12. Dupree's Paradise

Tan Mitsugu, March 21, 2014

On Roxy By Proxy, Dupree's Paradise starts with The Hook. I think it's the source of The Hook in Let's Move To Cleveland (Solos 1984) from YCDTOSA4.


13. King Kong/Chunga's Revenge/Mr. Green Genes

Joe Travers, "Who The F*@% Is Frank Zappa (Save The Vault, Tell The Story)," Kickstarter, April 9, 2016

This is the medley that was only played one time in the four shows that happened—in front of an audience, that is.



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