Saturday Night Live

Season 6, episode 12
March 7, 1981

Craig Jones

Just watched & taped an episode of SNL with Bill Murray as host, with a cool FZ reference! In a sketch which sends up the movie Altered States, called Altered Walter, it has Dan Rathers + Walter Kronkite, with Murray playing Kronkite. After coming out of a sensory deprevation tank, Walter goes down to South America to expand his mind further, and takes a hallucinagenic drug from a pot that Charles Rocket (playing a native-American) has been brewing. In a scene where Kronkite smokes some peyote, he starts to trip out & some generic 1960's footage is shown. Over about 1/4 of this footage, the MOI track Uncle Meat Variations is played, from the vocal section where Nelcy Walker sings with Ray & Roy. It was shown in Australia on 12 August 1999, & the original broadcast was March 7, 1981.

Charles Ulrich, June 27, 2019

Season 6, episode 12.


The Stanley Siegel Show

August 17, 1981

The Stanley Siegel Show Eat That Question

Leoherlihy, September 29, 2004

Stanley charmlessly cajoling Frank and testing his humanity by asking him if he ever cries.

Appears in:

Tomorrow Coast To Coast

August 28, 1981 (air date: September 2 or 3, 1981)
12 min.

Date disputes: 02-09-81, or: 09-03-81
Recording date: 08-28-81

Interview with Dr. Demento. FZ talks about music as entertainment, auditions, hit songs, "Jewish Princess", drugs, his High Times articles, R&B, white person music, Baby Snakes, his old science-fiction film project, being cynical, living in the U.S.A. and the moral majority. Includes some footage from Baby Snakes (an excerpt from "City Of Tiny Lites" and a short clip of Bruce Bickford and his clay animation).

FZ & Dr Demento

From: Eric Peterson (January 15, 2008)

This is as Dr. Demento (yes, this is Dr. Demento) is cutting to commercial and Frank is doing everything he can not to burst out laughing at what a goof Demento is.

Informants: Jon Naurin, Brian Lagerman, Eric Peterson

McArthur Court, University Of Oregon, Eugene, OR, October 4, 1981

October 4, 1981
Eugene, OR

Eugene, OR, October 4, 1981 Eugene, OR, October 4, 1981

Alex Winter, "Digital Vault Pass: Video," Who The F*@% Is Frank Zappa?, March 31, 2018

FZ rehearsing 'Envelopes' and 'Sinister Footwear' with the band before their concert in Eugene, Oregon on October 4th, 1981. Also, a young fan in the audience plays with his date. From the Thomas (genius artist that he is) Nordegg VHS section of the vault.


Freeman Reports

October 26, 1981
47 min.

Freeman Report

Interview with Sandi Freeman

From: Jon Naurin

One of the best interviews I've seen. About 60% of the recording is of the better quality.

koolstrike (YouTube user)

This is a long interview with Frank Zappa from October 26, 1981.
This interview only aired once as far as I know and ironically, Zappa was playing his last concerts at "The Palladium" in New York City.
Covered in this interview is Frank's negative experiences with the stage hands unions.
One of the reasons Frank never played the Palladium after November 1, 1981 was due to excessive stage hand union costs associated with doing concerts at that venue.

The first thing I noted while editing this video is how relaxed Frank is and how good Sandi Freeman was at asking Frank open ended questions and then allowing Frank to answer.

It is the only interview I have ever watched with Frank where he has a decent interviewer and he is relaxed enough to get out of his "Frank Zappa" persona. Too bad he did not do more interviews like this.

Netherlands Wind Ensemble

October 26, 1981
30 min.

From: Patrick Neve (July 1, 2003)

The New York Times
October 25, 1981, Sunday, Late City Final Edition

Dutch Wind Ensemble To Be Profiled on PBS

A half-hour documentary profiling the Netherlands Wind Ensemble will be shown on WNET-TV and other PBS stations tomorrow at 9:30 P.M. The group, formed in the late 50's, is composed of members of the country's 16 symphony orchestras. The documentary, narrated by David Frost, presents the group in classical music, jazz and a work by Frank Zappa, the rock star. Mr. Zappa will appear in the film, as will the Amsterdam Concertgebouw Orchestra conducted by Bernard Haitink.


"You Are What You Is"

Premiered October 31, 1981

You Are What You Is You Are What You Is

Appears in:
FZ, interviewed by Robert Cassella, Gold Coast Free Press, January 5, 1984

At that time, CBS had distributed our product overseas, wanted a video for foreign distribution, and they picked up the tab for it, so I did it. [...] I wouldn't say it was my favorite piece of work. It's got some funny stuff in it, but considering the budgetary constraints and the amount of time we had to do it, I wouldn't call it exemplary by any stretch of the imagination.

On Zappa & Videoclips

From The KID

i saw the "do you know what you are?" video last night on musique-plus. i was wondering if zappa's done other mtv- ish videos like that?

From Bossk (R)

I've seen four:
—You Are What You Is ("Do you know what you are?")
—G-Spot Tornado
Peaches en Regalia
—He's So Gay

From Jon Naurin

There's also a cool little video for Fine Girl that FZ produced with a czech film team circa 1990. As I've understood, it was tacked to the end of a czech music film, called "Prager leben gut" in german.

From Charles Pater

There's even a 'claymation' version of City Of Tiny Lights (BBC'79? -Old Grey Whistle Test)

From JWB

"You Are What You Is" was the only video that FZ made specifically for video channels (the only one around at that time being MTV). The other three you mentioned are from home video releases. Now, these MAY have been aired on music channels in America and abroad, but they certainly were never aired on MTV and were not intended to be aired on video channels.

From Bossk (R)

All right. "Peaches en Regalia" was aired on MTV Europe; "He's So Gay" and "G-Spot Tornado" were on other European video channels.

Available at zappa.com

The Palladium, NYC

October 31, 1981 (early & late shows)
The Palladium, NYC

That's Life

November, 1981
Canadian TV
6 min.

That's Life That's Life

Javier Marcote (May 7, 2009)

FZ interviews FZ.

Black Page footage from Baby Snakes together a female voice over recalls Zappa's career from 60's up to this moment.

FZ interviewing FZ about his reaction about the Toronto show (excellent). Public image vs real life; comments on the trends; hippie ( CIA testing civilians), punk & new wave movements; his 50's recollection & next tour.


Talking With . . . Frank Zappa

November 3, 1981
Colonial Instructional Television, PA
34 min.

Interviewer: Trooper Charles Ash, Pennsylvania State Police

FZ talks about the beginning of his career, his influences, Johnny Guitar Watson, the auditions, new wave and punk, his advice to new musicians, his guitar gear, the state of rock music, all about drugs, filming, where the ideas for the songs come from, rehearsals, the orchestral stupidities article, an idea for a movie about people turning into ducks and how it is not important to be remembered. Includes images of the "You Are What You Is" video.

Talking With . . . Frank Zappa FZ

Two On The Town

November 6, 1981
KCBS-TV, Los Angeles
9 min.

Includes scenes of:

Unknown drummer You Are What You Is

Van Carlson

Don Menn, "Van Carlson. Emmy-Winner Electronic Photographer," Zappa!, 1992, p. 93

The Two on the Town special for CBS [was what] first brought [Van] Carlson in contact with Zappa.

Van was the one who suggested that interview occur. He was a Zappa fan. The five days spent in Frank's domain ended up as an eight-minute clip (out of 20 hours shot) on the program, but Zappa remembered Carlson's unorthodox handling of the camera, so he ropes him into his camp whenever he wants something captured on video.

The Unidentified Drummer

Bill, alt.fan.frank-zappa, March 31, 2010

The timing once again rules out Sinclair Lott as the drummer. Who was it?

Pat Buzby, alt.fan.frank-zappa, March 31, 2010

One tape that emerged a few years ago has evidence that FZ was considering using David Logeman again in 1981. The drummer in the video looks a bit like him.

It could also be Marty Zevin, who had the 1981 gig for a short time. (I don't know what he looks like, but I found this webpage mentioning Marty).

I don't think the drummer looks or sounds like Chad Wackerman.

cookie_manager, Zappateers, January 8, 2017

In the video comments somebody wrote it was a certain David Crigger, and the video just happens to show his (failed) audition.

northernlicker, YouTube, c. 2009

The drummer: David Crigger. He was auditioning that day. Was offered the gig and turned it down. Having the 2 on the Town film crew there was an unexpected bit of pressure. Crigger played with Don Ellis and Passport, among many others. He's an LA guy. Unless some Other drummer was there for some OTHER 2 on the Town bit ;-)

Case Center, Boston University, Boston, MA, November 7, 1981

November 7, 1981
Boston, MA

Boston, MA, November 7, 1981

Alex Winter, "Digital Vault Pass: Video," Who The F*@% Is Frank Zappa?, March 31, 2018

Here's another fun rehearsal clip from the 1981 tour, this time in Boston on November 7th. Featured are the R&B covers 'Mary Lou' and 'I'm a Rollin' Stone' (Lightnin' Slim) with some improvised lyrics by FZ tossed in, and good ol' 'Sharleena.'


Ritz, New York

November 17, 1981
Ritz, New York, NY

HughGotIt, Zappateers, January 13, 2014

See that guy bending over with the video camera (below). That is Thomas Nordegg filming the Ritz concert.

Ritz, 1981


The New Music

November 21, 1981
Citytv, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
15 min.

The New Music Eat That Question

Includes clips from Baby Snakes, the "You Are What You Is" video, and an interview in which FZ talks about writing music, dirty words, not playing for political parties or unions, drugs, the family, not having friends being the boss, etc.

Appears in:

Informant: Obdewel_x

Uptown Theatre, Chicago, IL

November 27, 1981
Uptown Theatre, Chicago, IL

ivester, Zappateers, February 18, 2014

Both of the Chicago '81 shows were videotaped by Nordegg. I saw him running all over the stage at the Uptown Theater. It was a little distracting, although both shows were excellent.


Northrop Auditorium, Minneapolis, MN

November 28, 1981
Northrop, Auditorium, Minneapolis, MN

Minneapolis, 1981 Minneapolis, 1981

Appears in:


Municipal Auditorium, Kansas City, MO, December 5, 1981

December 5, 1981
Kansas City, MO

Kansas City, 1981

Alex Winter, "Digital Vault Pass: Video," Who The F*@% Is Frank Zappa?, March 31, 2018

For this performance of Cosmik Debris, which includes FZ's band intros and opening rap, the lyrics are adapted on the fly to honor Steve Vai's sexual escapade of the previous evening. From the Kansas City show, December 5th, 1981.


Rock Radio Interview

December 6, 1981
Unidentified TV
6 min.

Minneapolis, 1981

Includes an interview with FZ, probably backstage, talking about rock radio and censorship; footage from Minneapolis, November 28, 1981; scenes from the "You Are What You Is" videoclip; and some interviews with rock album radio DJs.

Intormant: Javier Marcote.

Terrace Ballroom, Salt Lake City, UT, December 7, 1981

December 7, 1981
Salt Lake City, UT

Salt Lake City, 1981

Alex Winter, "Digital Vault Pass: Video," Who The F*@% Is Frank Zappa?, March 31, 2018

One of the regular features of the 1981 tour was during a section of the instrumental 'Envelopes' which was bass-free, allowing Scott Thunes to improvise a variety of activities (free-form interpretative dance, fondling bandmates, etc), ultimately returning to his bass and rejoining the song just in the nick of time. But touring can make you crazy, and by the end of this one, Thunes felt the need to push the boundaries; so for the Salt Lake City show on December 7th, 1981, after purloining a jar of mayonnaise from the backstage eating area, he pulled off this legendary act of self-condimenting.


Video Telethon

c. late 1981
Unknown TV station, London
6 min.

Video Telethon from unknown date, with Talking Heads' "Once In A Lifetime" (October, 1980), The Clash's "This Is Radio Clash" (November, 1981), The Rolling Stones' "It's Only Rock 'N' Roll" (1974) and Adam And The Ants' "Antmusic" (1980) mentioned, with Bill Wyman in atendance.


The Torture Never Stops

116 min.


1 min.

MTV 1982

Javier Marcote (May 12, 2009)

MTV Interview

Many people consider him incredibly profilic but Zappa disagrees "it just enough for me" & "only by comparison with people who is lazy".


Music Box

3 min.

Music Box

FZ answers questions about Los Angeles, New York and the people who don't like his music.

Paris, France

May 16, 1982

Paris, May 16, 1982 Paris, May 16, 1982

Videotaped by Thomas Nordegg.

Alex Winter, Who The F*@% Is Frank Zappa?, August 26, 2017

Shot on 5/16/1982 in Paris, France. FZ poses for photographs with an American flag and rummages around an industrial area looking for places to shoot.


Philipshalle, Düsseldorf

May 22, 1982
Philipshalle, Düsseldorf, Germany


Alex Winter, "The Enigmatically Mysterious RDNZL!," Who The F*@% Is Frank Zappa?, December 6, 2017

One of the coolest Nordegg pieces we found in the vault. This has been heard, but never seen before. It's RDNZL, being performed in Dusseldorf, Germany, May 22nd, 1982. [...] This excerpt is from an epic, 15-minute performance of the song, which includes a FZ-conducted improv and will be fully available as a Digital Vault Pass reward, for those of you who have that coming!

Klemens Möllenbeck, Frank Zappa 1982, Düsseldorf

[Thomas Nordegg, FZ]


St. Etienne

May 28, 1982
Palais des Sports, St. Etienne, France

Appears in:
Music heard on:

Videotaped by Thomas Nordegg

St Etienne FZ

Fréjus, France

May 29, 1982

Frejus, May 29, 1982 Frejus, May 29, 1982 Frejus, May 29, 1982

Videotaped by Thomas Nordegg.

Alex Winter, Who The F*@% Is Frank Zappa?, August 26, 2017

Off we go to Fréjus, France, 5/29/1982. As we find Nordegg wandering around the venue during soundcheck, with John Smothers making practical jokes and FZ directing Thomas to the toilet. Good times.


Schüttorf, Germany

June 5, 1982

Schüttorf, June 5, 1982 Schüttorf, June 5, 1982

Videotaped by Thomas Nordegg.

Alex Winter, Who The F*@% Is Frank Zappa?, August 26, 2017

Last but not least, we travel to Schüttorf, Germany on 6/5/1982 for highlights of a performance of "Bobby Brown", one of my favorite FZ tunes.



June 10, 1982
Anacapri, Italy—RAI
2 min.

Rockstar Rockstar

Marco Ricci, July 5, 2013

It's a very short appearance of Frank Zappa during a musical event called "Rockstar", happened in Anacapri, a little city on the Capri island, near Naples, probably on July 1982, during the italian Zappa tour. Here Frank is accompanied from Francesco Sanavio, a historic italian rock promoter, and awarded as "Rockstar Of The Year" from the italian host. The event was aired live in the first time on RAI Italian TV in July 1982, and rebroadcasted on RAI 3 TV during the special "Blob Rock'n'RAI" on April 16, 2012.

Marco Mataloni, January 4, 2015

The correct date of the broadcast is June 10th, 1982 ([...] L'Unità Sat. June 12, 1982 [...] says that the program was aired "on thursday" (giovedì)). During that visit FZ also met in Rome Tanino Liberatore, the author of The Man From Utopia cover.

L'Unità, June 12, 1982, p. 14


trueglove, YouTube, January 4, 2015

Aired June 10, 1982. Award "Rockstar of the Year". The short interview was followed by, as the host Gianni Ippoliti announces, a "song that's included in this cassette" (LOL), i.e. Strictly Genteel from Palladium '81 (edited out).

Feste Marienberg, Würzburg, Germany

June 13, 1982
Feste Marienberg, Würzburg, Germany

Al Fresco, Zappateers, May 27, 2014

A couple of photos by Reinhard Preuss where Thomas Nordegg is filming the concert.




Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK

June 18-19, 1982
Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK


Alex Winter, Who The F*@% Is Frank Zappa, April 6, 2016

[Joe Travers is] giving us a look at some more [Thomas] Nordegg footage from the [1982] tour: this amazing performance of "Zoot Allures", the opening song in London.


Metz, France

June 22, 1982
Le Parc des Expositions, Metz, France

Appears in:
Music heard on:

Thank you!

Vienna, Austria

c. June 28, 1982
Vienna, Austria

Rudi Dolezal interviews FZ

Appears in:

Vienna, 1982

Stadio Comunale, Bolzano

July 3, 1982
Stadio Comunale, Bolzano, Italy

Audience Footage

23 min.

Bolzano 1982

From: Steef

i got my hands on a vhs-tape with a bit of 1982-07-03 Bolzano on it it starts with the band commin on the stage (well there was a long bit of audience taped during the day in front of it wich i cut off)

1. Mammy Anthem
2. You Are What You Is
3. Mudd Club
4. The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing
5. Drowning Witch (parts on YCDTOSA #3) !!!it cuts during this song!!!! what a pity

its an audience shot taken from left of the stage from a high point not really close up but very nice, the sound wasnt all that so i overdubbed that (i ripped it to vcd format), its about 23 minutes.

From: Javier (Al Fresco) (October 15, 2006)

At the end of "Mammy Anthem" until the last theme of this private video recording, we can see a cameraman on stage mainly in the shade & between FZ & SV shooting them. I think this could be Thomas Nordegg wearing shorts (see Video From Hell & 9 July 1992, Rome concert, shooting "Stevie Spanking").

Additional informant: Javier Al Fresco (YouTube alert)

Thomas Nordegg Footage

2 min.


Alex Winter, Who The F*@% Is Frank Zappa, April 4, 2016

Today, we've got Nordegg footage from Bolzano, Italy, during a European tour in the summer of 1982—a rager of a rendition of "Tell Me You Love Me." (There's even a fish-eye lens!)


July 5, 1982
Stadio Ferraris, Genoa, Italy

Vault Clip—Genoa

Videotaped by Thomas Nordegg.

Alex Winter, Update #58, Who The F*@% Is Frank Zappa?, April 12, 2017

Stadio Comunale Luigi Ferraris, Genoa, Italy. 7/5/1982
This specific clip shows FZ playing guitar during a performance of "Easy Meat."



July 8, 1982
Stadio Communale, Pistoia, Italy

Vault Clip—Pistoia

Videotaped by Thomas Nordegg.


July 9, 1982
Ex Mattatoio do Testaccio, Rome, Italy


Appears in:
Music heard on:

Videotaped by Thomas Nordegg


July 14, 1982
Stadio Communale, Palermo, Italy

Appears in:

Palermo, 1982 Palermo RDNZL

Take Off—Night Flight—FM TV

July 31, 1982
8 min.

Documentary on FZ history.

Includes footage from:

FZ Adrian Belew Terry Bozzio

Javier Marcote (May 12, 2009)

1982 Takeoff -FZ Profile—Nighflight—8'

Interview with Moon Unit, Dweezil & FZ

prob. FM TV
2 min.

Moon Unit FZ

Moon Unit talks about "Valley Girl" and Dweezil talks about his group, "Fred Zeppelin." FZ talks about Dweezil's practicing habits (from the same interview as FM TV, July, 1982). Also includes some footage from Baby Snakes.

Informant: Javier Marcote

Solid Gold—"Valley Girl" Performance by Moon

4 min.

Valley Girl

Charles Ulrich, March 24, 2014

This was on a show called Solid Gold. I don't know the exact date. Moon was introduced by Marilyn McCoo (of the 5th Dimension).

Today Show

Today Show, NBC
August 4, 1982
5 min.

NBC News

Boyd Matson reports about valley girls on his On The Record section. FZ, Moon & Dweezil talk about music and family.

Informant: Javier Marcote

Richard Hart Interview

August, 1982

Appears in:

Interview with Richard Hart
Photography by P.M. Magazine

Los Angeles, 1982

Compact Video

August, 1982
Compact Video, LA

Appears in:


Valley Girl Documentary

c. August, 1982
7 min.

Valley Girl Documentary

Directed by Steve Durgin
Camera: Paul Colardo
Sound: I. W. Harper

Valley Girl Documentary Valley Girl Documentary

Host: Richard Hart
Featuring: FZ, Moon, Ahmet, Dweezil, Gail, and some pianists at Cal Arts (Lorna Little & Gaylord Mowrey).

Valley Girl Documentary Valley Girl Documentary Valley Girl Documentary

More footage from the Cal Arts Rehearsals

Vault Clip—Genoa

Videotaped by Thomas Nordegg.

Alex Winter, Update #58, Who The F*@% Is Frank Zappa?, April 12, 2017

FZ observes and coaches pianists practicing his scores. Sections of Pedro's Dowry and Sinister Footwear were adapted for two pianos.

Unfortunately, the pianists names are unknown and it's unclear who did the adaptation. Any backers with more info, send it on in!

Appears in:
Includes footage from:
Music heard:
Art Jarvinen, comments to The David Ocker Internet Interview, August, 1998

He did like the piano reductions [of Pedro's Dowry] a lot though, and that was gratifying. Once he arranged to have Lorna [Little, now Lorna Eder] and Gaylord [Mowrey] read through them for him so he could get a sense of them. We did it at CalArts, because Frank didn't have two pianos in one place. To our surprise Frank showed up with this whole entourage. Dweezil was there, just to listen, and a film crew from some Bay Area TV station! They were doing a piece on Frank, and this was his latest thing, so he brought them along and filmed this reading session. He apparently felt no compunction about putting Lorna and Gaylord on the hot seat with no advance notice. A lot of it went well though. They're both really good, and had prepared some of the stuff. But the 3rd movement of Sinister Footwear simply is not sight-readable. He made them play a little bit of it, but then stopped them and said "I won't make you embarrass yourselves". Thanks a lot, Frank. But that was the session after which I got that nice phone call from Gail, so I guess things had gone well.


Late Night with David Letterman [#1]

August 10, 1982
13 min.

From Stuart (July 29, 2005):

Frank and Moon. Witty, good humored discussion of naming Frank's kids, the Valley Girl record, and Moon's career goals. Also a couple of gig stories from FZ.

Late Night with David Letterman Late Night with David Letterman

Norm Seeff Photo Shoot


Vault Clip, Norm Seeff Photo Shoot

Videotaped by Thomas Nordegg.

Alex Winter, Update #57, Who The F*@% Is Frank Zappa?, March 14, 2017

And this clip is FZ goofing around on a Tricycle for a Norman Seef photo shoot


Uncle Meat shooting

Zappa Basement

Appears in:

Phyllis Massimo

Good Morning America

September 21, 1982
5 min.

Good Morning America

FZ & Moon talk about "Valley Girl."

CBS News Nightwatch

October 31, 1982
32 min.

From: Charles Ulrich

Felicia Jeter interviews FZ. My copy is 32 minutes and not complete.


The Dub Room Special!

October 31, 1982
Premiere at Ritz, NYC, NY
90 min.

Interview by John A. Gallagher

November 1, 1982
21 min.

FZ talks about his movies and the stage hands of the Palladium. Includes some footage from The Dub Room Special! premiere and Halloween party at the Ritz, October 31, 1982. Also includes scenes from The Dub Room Special!

The Ritz, 1982

Interview by John A. Gallagher
Camera: Ira H. Gallen, Bill Coleman
Editor & Producer: Ira H. Gallen



November 19, 1982
25 min.

Cocaine Decisions Cocaine Decisions FZ

A report on Cocaine by Robin Deneslow. FZ plays an acetate with "Cocaine Decisions."

Javier Marcote (March 2, 2009)

Title: Cocaine
November 19, 1982

Robin Denselow reports from Los Angeles on the growing use of drug cocaine by all sections of community.

Interviews: Frank Zappa, musician, people under influence of cocaine are not really equipped to make decisions; even doctors are using cocaine.

FZ interviewed by Denny Tedesco

c. late 1982

The Wrecking Crew

Appears in The Wrecking Crew (2008).

FZ, interviewed by Denny Tedesco about Tommy Tedesco's appearance in The Gong Show

You should think about what he's saying in the lyrics to the song, don't dwell on the costume too much, because it tells a lot about the way the business in this town works. And for being a person with a sense of humor, I think Tommy's had to put up with a lot of really stupid things.

Informant: Javier Marcote

Cal Arts rehearsals

December 19, 1982

Cal Arts, 1982 Cal Arts, 1982 Cal Arts, 1982

Alex Winter, Who The F*@% Is Frank Zappa?, June 20, 2017

[This footage is] from a rehearsal at Cal Arts. Considering the date of the tapes (December 19, 1982), we have surmised these rehearsals could be for the LSO concerts of 1983, which took place in London. We're thinking these could be CA rehearsals for those shows with just percussion and rhythm section, etc.

Shot by the legendary Nordegg, with Kent Nagano conducting, Chad Wackerman on drums and David Ocker on Clarinet. The pieces are Pedro's Dowry with a switch to Mo n' Herb's Vacation, happening when some of the musicians leave.


The Rock And Roll Years

3 min.

Brian Lagerman

Includes 200 Motels promo, brief comments about Royal Albert concert that was cancelled, and a short clip of King Kong. Comments are not by Frank.

From Nostalgia Central:

This early evening nostalgia show from the BBC played rock & roll hits from a given year (one per episode) coupled with archive news clips from the featured year. Starting in 1956 with Elvis Presley's Mystery Train, we were taken on an informative, educational and entertaining journey through modern history until the series caught up with itself in the mid 1980s.

Channel Four News

January 6, 1983
BBC2, London, UK
3 min. B&W/Color

FZ interviewed about his image and the real Frank Zappa.

BBC2 1983 ITN 1983 Eat That Question

ITN Source:

Intvw Frank Zappa, one of the most outrageous performers of the '60s on being in London to record with the London Symphony Orchestra. PHILLIPS,STEPHEN

Appears in:


January 7, 1983
3 min.

FZ talks about the toilet poster, the LSO recording and how he didn't give a fuck about how'd he remembered.



January 10, 1983
9 min.

Report on the upcoming London Symphony Orchestra concert at the Barbican Center. FZ talks about the building, where the musicians are going to be placed on stage, the difficulty of the music to be played, how he sees no difference between "Valley Girl" and "Mo 'N Herb's Vacation," how the concert is financed. Kent Nagano compares Zappa to Ives, Boulez, Messiaen and Elliott Carter. It also includes images of FZ at home in Los Angeles and the "You Are What You Is" video.

Barbican Center FZ ¡

Arena: Burroughs

January 22, 1983
90 min.

Javier Marcote (January 26, 2009)

22/01/1983 & 16/08/1997

Documentary profile of writer William Burroughs, with readings by Burroughs from his own work plus film of his family and son.

Director, producer & photography: Howard Brookner
Production company: Citifilmsworks

Cast: William S. Burroughs, Allen Ginsberg, Brion Gysin, Terry Southern, Frank Zappa, Francis Bacon, Laurie Anderson.


Cocaine Blues

Recorded c. 1983—Broadcast June 2, 1985
52 min.

Directed by John Langley

4 FZ clips from 1983 documentary (1 min.)
Entire feature length = 52 minutes.

Cocaine Blues

Quote from box:

This in-depth and hard hitting expose tells the real story behind cocaine and cocaine abuse. The personal accounts from top celebrities such as FRANK ZAPPA and athletes reveal not only the physical and mental destruction the drug causes but also the social alienation a drug user confronts.

From: ebay seller "wyattpam"

Frank Zappa, Paul Krassner, Eugene "Mercury" morris, David and Jerry Zucker and Jim Abrahams open-up and share their views . . . their experiences . . . and their nightmares on the revealing and controversial drug . . . cocaine. Long out of print on LIGHTNING VIDEO.

From: ebay seller "stubtail"

COCAINE BLUES A film co produced/written.directed by John Langley (Half of the team of Langley/Barbour of Cops!) fame. Personal accounts of use of Cocaine from FRANK ZAPPA PAUL KRASSNER Eugene "Mercury" Morris, David and Jerry Zucker and Jim Abrahams (Airplane!) and more See what made Blow the In drug of the late seventies and eighties (Zappa didnt like it!)

MTV Report about Varèse Music Program in San Francisco

c. February, 1983
2 min.

MTV 1983

Javier Marcote (September 19, 2010)

MTV Report ( about Varese Music Program in S.F.).
Probably February 1983.
Rehearsing Ionisation for the "Edgard Varèse Memorial Concert in San Francisco War Memorial Opera House ( Feb 9, 1983)

Also ppears in:

Unidentified Interview, c. February, 1983

c. February, 1983


Appears in ET obituary (December 6, 1993). FZ talks about being different.

Informant: Javier Marcote


February 12, 1983
CBC Television, Canada
30 min.

CBC Archive Sales


This half-hour current affairs series features documentary items culled from a consortium of international broacasters, sometimes including contributions from CBC programs such as The Fifth Estate and the Journal. (1) This BBC report attributes America's intensely competitive middle class life style as the reason one citizen in 25 is addicted to cocaine. In Los Angeles, the BBC interviews former addicts, including Helen Reddy's ex-husband and manager, a surgeon who 'rebuild's' cocaine-damaged noses, and musician Frank Zappa who scorns drugs. The report also examines efforts by the US government to halt the production of cocaine in South America by giving Peru $26 million and Bolivia $77 million over the next four years to persuade coca farmers to plant other crops and to beef up drug control forces.

Probably taken from Newsnight, November 19, 1982.

Informant: Javier Marcote

Late Night with David Letterman [#2]

June 15, 1983

Brief appearance at the end of the show.

Late Night with David Letterman [#3]

June 16, 1983
11 min.

FZ talks about brown lipstick in corporate suit, the LSO album, and his 1968 TV show project for NBC.

Late Night with David Letterman

From Gary Titone (June 18, 2001)

I was a guest on this show along with Frank. As the show begins with the video credits are rolling Letterman is anounced "Here he is as a guy who sleeps in his suit David Letterman". As Letterman does his monolouge he states that he had taken a test in one of this magazines that let you know how you stack up to other members of society. He says that he failed. His wardrobe does not have enough of yummy colors in it. I am a studio audience member who was written into the script as a member of society whose wardrobe was used as contrast to someone who sleeps in his suit. As the story goes I proceed to outdool Letterman 1 on 1 and get twice the level of laugter than what the skit was intended. Nedless to say Letterman does not like being showed up. Initially Letterman had stated that he was going to let me interview Frank but after being showed up he retracted. After the monolouge he proceded with the show and I went back stage for a change of clothing that his staff felt was more suitable than my attire. I was then brought back out on stage in the main guest chair. Upon being directed as a guest and sitting down in the main guest chair Letreman immidiately states that I could now go back to my seat and my chance to interview Frank obsolved. When Frank came out and was announced Letterman states that people specifically came down to see him and Frank stated that he had seen the skit and was laughing. During the interview Frank is asked about the liner notes and why he wrote of the album not being 100%. Frank stated that he had a personal relationship with his fans and that he did not mess around. He wanted to be honest with his fan base abouyt the productions lack of perfection. He specifically used me as a reference as to how he remained fair and honest to his fans. While I may have gone down as the shortes guest ever on The David Letterman show I humbly use this reference as prime example as to how Frank was honest to his work and fanbase. The fact that I could make Frank laugh is a wonderfull feeling. For all the years I have enjoyed the worlds finest optional entertainment this was one brief moment where I brought laughter to the life of Frank Zappa.

Sounds (Parts I, II, III)

June 17, 1983 (or June 7, 1983)
Australian TV
28 min.

Interview with FZ at home, aired on three different weeks.

Sounds Moon & Dweezil

Includes (at least):

HSV Ch 7
Saturday Morning Show with Interview and rehearsal broadcast over 4 weeks

Donny Sutherland Interviews Frank in his L.A home You Are What You Is Video/Interview with Moon & Dweezil/Uncle Meat Movie/Hunchback in Faire Tale Theatre/MTV Videos/Masters Box Sets/Palmero 1982/No Touring/Orchestral Music/Early Normal Jobs/Farther Oblivion rehearsal

From: Brian Lagerman

Interview w/ Frank, Moon, Dweezil, and 1973 concert footage.

Rock Around The Clock

August 27, 1983
34 min.

Javier Marcote (March 2, 2009)

Title: Introduction
August 27, 1983

Studio links & videos transmitted live over 15hrs.

PROMO VIDEO: Queen—"Bohemian Rhapsody" (4m35s); Adam & the Ants "Ant
Music" (3m51s); The Jam "Going Underground" (2m47s); Madness "Baggy Trousers"
(2m23s); David Bowie "Ashes to Ashes" (3m30s); The Jacksons "Blame it on the
Boogie" (3m 25s); Led Zeppelin "Black Dog" (3m20s); Meatloaf "Bat out of
hell" (5m18s); Pink Floyd "Another brick in the wall" (3m05s); Rolling Stones
"It's only rock 'n' roll" (4m30s); Sex Pistols "Pretty Vacant" (3m12s); Frank
Zappa "City of tiny lites" (3m30s); Beatles "Strawberry fields forever"
Programation closes with most requested video—Lynrd Skynrd "Freebird" (13m12s)


Andy Warhol's TV

October 3, 1983
5 min.

Andy Warhol's TV

In the presence of Andy Warhol, Richard Berlin interviews FZ about hardcore fanatics and making fun of stuff. Includes footage from the You Are What You Is clip.

Josh Jones, "Andy Warhol Hosts Frank Zappa On His Cable TV Show, And Later Recalls, 'I Hated Him More Than Ever' After The Show,"Open Culture, June 19, 2017

Luckily for Warhol, he is joined by Zappa fan Richard Berlin, who serves as a buffer between the two superstars. [...] At least in the excerpt above, Berlin does all of the work while Warhol looks on, seemingly stupefied. But the truth is that Warhol hated Zappa, and after the interview, he wrote in his Diaries, "I hated Zappa even more than when it started."

[...] But there was also some personal history between them that goes back to the earliest days of the Velvet Underground. "I remember," Warhol goes on, "when he was so mean to us when the Mothers of Invention played with the Velvet Underground—I think both at The Trip, in L.A., and at the Fillmore in San Francisco. I hated him then and I still don't like him."

Informant (YouTube alert): Javier Marcote

CBS News Nightwatch

October 31, 1983
12 min.

CBS News Nightwatch CBS News Nightwatch

FZ, Moon Unit & Dweezil talk about "Valley Girl", Gail, Dweezil's album & name, black & orange as the colors of Halloween, dirty language and some other things. Includes footage from The Dub Room Special! ("Stink-Foot").

Late Night with David Letterman [#4]

October 31, 1983
5 min.

Late Night with David Letterman Late Night with David Letterman

From Stuart (July 29, 2005)

Halloween. FZ promotes a Broadway Musical project.

Shows pix of two character masks: Thingfish and his ventriloquist's dummy, Sister Abdula X. Also discusses restoration and re-release of the 35 Mothers records.

Late Night with David Letterman Late Night with David Letterman

From Brian Lagerman

There is a stereo master that was rebroadcast on A&E in 1992.

The tattoo that FZ mentions, was administered to David by Pee Wee Herman who was an earlier guest on the show.

American Songwriter

November 11, 1983
5 min.

American Songwriter

Interview recorded probably c. late 1982 or early 1983.

Javier Marcote (May 12, 2009)

The American Songwriter
US TV Special
November 11, 1983

Zappa interviewed with footage & of his career & video snippets of "You are what you is", declares his admiration for Spike Jones, Leiber & Stoller; recalls his first composition "Mice" a solo for snare drum. His job the same as a folkloristic will do. Difficult to consider oneself original in a r&r ear consumer framework arrangement. All hits, even "Dwarf Nebula Processional March".


The T.A.M.I./T.N.T. Show (That Was Rock)


Paris, January, 1984

January 9-11, 1984

France 3—2009 Pierre Boulez Pierre Boulez, le geste musical

Footage of FZ & Pierre Boulez from the premiere of The Perfect Stranger in Paris, January 9-11, 1984.

Appears in:

Écoutez votre siècle 6 : La 4X en temps réel

Ircam, Paris
26 min.

IRCAM, 1984

Directed by Eric Beurot. Jean Pierre Armand interviews FZ about the possibilities of the 4X processor.

Archives audiovisuelles des conferénces et concerts de l'Ircam, Ircam-Centre Pompidou

Présentation du processeur "4X" créé et développé à l'Ircam par Giuseppe Di Giugno, son concepteur, et Jean-Pierre Armand. Avec la participation de l'équipe de Son Digital, Franck Zappa et Tristan Murail. Extraits de "Désintégration" interprété par l'ensemble Itinéraire et l'Ensemble Intercontemporain. Évocation de l'industrialisation de la "4X" par la Sogitec.
© Ircam-Centre Pompidou, 1984

Google Translate:

Processor Overview "4X" created and developed at IRCAM by Giuseppe Di Giugno, its designer, and Jean-Pierre Armand. With the participation of the team of his Digital, Frank Zappa and Tristan Murail. Excerpts from "Disintegration" sung by the entire itinerary and the Ensemble Intercontemporain. Evocation of the industrialization of the "4X" by Sogitec.
© IRCAM-Centre Pompidou 1984


February 1, 1984
16 min.


Frank & Moon, Children's TV show, Q&A from audience. Includes the "You Are What You Is" video clip.

Rock Palace

February 11, 1984
7 min.

Grace Slick interviews FZ in a disco environment.

Grace Slick & FZ

CBS News Nightwatch

February 28, 1984
10 min

From Stu & Jay (July, 2005)

Great interview with Frank by Charlie Rose . . . wonderfully iconoclastic commentary on Michael Jackson, the music biz, grammies, etc.

Rose mentions " . . . this is the year of Michael Jackson." and they play a video clip of "Billy Jean," making FZ smirk.

Nightwatch FZ

Thicke Of The Night

March 30, 1984
11 min.

Hosted by Alan Thicke. FZ talks about his appearances on Make Me Laugh and Dance Fever, the direction music is taking (it's "going to the bank"), his next appearance in Ohio, at the annual conference of the American Society of University Composers (April, 1984), and shows a short clip of "Punky's Whips" from Baby Snakes. Other guests are Don Felder and Casey Kasem.

Thicke Of The Night

From: John Purves

I saw the March 30, 1984 Thicke Of The Night—interview (TV) and have taken away one classic moment from this. Frank asked at one point, "Why do they wear brown lipstick in the corporate suite?" The way I remember it there was some nervous laughter among the guests and the studio audience and the subject was quickly changed. Leave it to Frank to cut through the crap.

FZ & The A Zappa Affair Puppets Photo Session

c. March 30, 1984

A Zappa Affair Puppets Photo Session

Alex Winter, "Update #71," Who The F*@% Is Frank Zappa?, July 16, 2018

As some of you may know, The Berkeley Symphony Orchestra performed a series of concerts called A Zappa Affair, with choreography by life sized puppets. Here's a little of FZ clowning around with the beautiful ballet dancers.


Speaking Of Music With Frank Zappa

May 20, 1984
Exploratorium, San Francisco, CA

Hosted by Charles Amirkhanian with Calvin Ahlgren, reader.

Appears in:

Coffe & Cigarettes Women

David L. Windt

The program for that night included music by both Zappas—Frank and Francesco—a dance number featuring a life-sized puppet dancing to He's So Gay, a dramatic reading of Francesco: The Almost Fictional Life Of An Obscure Italian Composer, and plenty of questions from the audience. And at one point a woman asked if she could measure Frank's head for a sculpture she wanted to make: so Frank invited her up on the stage, and continued with the show while this person got out her giant calipers to get all of Franks important head dimensions.

Exploratorium lecture, May 20, 1984 (transcribed by Charles Ulrich)

Betty Polus: How did you happen to bring [?] puppets to enact your symphony?

FZ: Well, actually I have to thank Stephanie Zimmerman for that, because I believe she's the one who came up with the idea. They called me after the project had almost fallen through for the third or fourth time and said, "We have a great idea. How do you feel about having puppets do it?" And I said, "Terrific!" Because that's how I got started in, let's say, show business. Some of the first things that I did involved puppets, and I've always liked puppets. But the things that you're gonna see on stage at Zellerbach are way bigger than what you think of as puppets. Some of them are bigger than people.

Alex Winter, "Digital Vault Pass: Video," Who The F*@% Is Frank Zappa?, March 31, 2018

Speaking Of Music, 1984

On May 20th, 1984, FZ participated in the San Francisco-based Speaking of Music series. Some excerpts from this can be seen in the 'Does Humor Belong in Music' home video, but a never-before-seen highlight of the evening was this dancing life-size puppet to the tune of 'He's So Gay.' This and other puppets were created for 'A Zappa Affair,' which was performed in Berkeley that same year.


Read the full program here.

Thicke Of The Night

May 30, 1984
13 min.

Hosted by Alan Thicke. FZ talks about his new tour, the "While You Were Art" affair, his appearance on What's My Line?, "Be In My Video" and being normal.

Thicke Of The Night

A Zappa Affair Rehearsals

c. June, 1984


Appears in ET obituary (December 6, 1993).

A Zappa Affair

June 15, 1984
Zellerbach Auditorium, Berkeley, CA

Berkeley Symphony Orchestra conducted by Kent Nagano

The music played:
From: "Peter de B. Harrington"

The orchesteral piece was performed by the Berkeley Symphony Orchestra in 1984. The piece has 3 movements, but I believe 26 parts. The piece was performed as a ballet, but Zappa could not afford a ballet troupe, so they used lifesize marionettes instead. I wish this performance would be released on video (Gail, hear my pleas). I can't remember the details of the story, but I believe it has a monster in it, with some interesting reproductive organs. I have the storyline on tape, if their is interest I can transcribe it.

David Ocker, quoted in Arf: Notes & Comments

The music is in three movements. The ballet (which is danced to the music) has the sections you listed and is danced to the three movements. The score has considerably more description of the action of the ballet. That performance (the **only** performance) was broadcast live over KPFA with Frank's permission. It was also video-taped against Frank's wishes. It was just a single camera at the back of the hall. When he found out about the video-taping he was FURIOUS! and demanded that the video be destroyed. Whether it was destroyed or not I don't know—but I, for one, certainly hope it wasn't—those puppets were pretty amazing. They were 'puppets' in the same sense that "Big Bird" was a puppet—i.e. they had dancers inside them. I do remember that they had to be destroyed because of storage space problems. I don't remember the name of the man who designed them but I do remember that he died soon afterwards. So, if the video doesn't exist—does anyone have still photos of some of the puppets? I'd love to see some of them again.


I remember seeing part of the performance (or rehearsal) on (of all places) Entertainment Tonight.

See also:



Ch. 7
c. June, 1984

Tonight Ch. 7

Who The F*@% Is Frank Zappa, YouTube, April 4, 2016

Straight from the Vault, here's an EXCERPT of a rare Ch. 7 news Tonight newspiece on Frank Zappa's puppet ballet, "A Zappa Affair footage" from Berkeley CA, 1984.

The New Music

Citytv, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
5 min.

The New Music

Includes clips from Baby Snakes, the "You Are What You Is" video, and an interview on the back seat of a car in which FZ talks about Ronald Reagan, women, chamber music, Synclavier, Francesco Zappa, media, etc.

Informant: Obdewel_x

Blossom Music Center

August 12, 1984
Blossom Music Center, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio
WEWS, Cleveland, Ohio

Interview by Dave Tarbert

Included in:

Blossom Music Center


c. August, 1984

Interview by Pablo Guzman

Included in:


The Pier, NYC

August 25-26, 1984
The Pier, NYC, NY
135 min. (August 25, Audience Shot)
126 min. (August 26, Audience Shot)

From Jon Naurin:

Audience shot. At times, a huge screen to the right of the stage is filmed, where you can see the pro-shot pictures. Sound and picture are decent.

August 25, 1984 setlist from FZShows

Zoot Allures, City Of Tiny Lights, You Are What You Is, Mudd Club, The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing, Carolina Hardcore Ecstacy, Advance Romance, Trouble Every Day, Penguin In Bondage, Hot Plate Heaven At The Green Hotel, Dumb All Over (Have I Offended Someone?), The Tape-Changing Fart-Around (improvisations, q: New York New York, My Sharona), He's So Gay, Bobby Brown intro/He's So Gay ending, Honey Don't You Want A Man Like Me?, Carol You Fool, Chana In De Bushwop, Let's Move To Cleveland (q: Isn't It Romantic?) (incl. Butter Or Canons, Trance-Fusion), The Closer You Are, No No Cherry, Cosmik Debris, Sharleena, The Illinois Enema Bandit

August 26, 1984 setlist from FZShows

Zoot Allures, Tinseltown Rebellion (Have I Offended Someone?), Trouble Every Day, Penguin In Bondage, Goblin Girl, The Black Page (solo on YCDTOSA4), Be In My Video (YCDTOSA1), The Deathless Horsie (YCDTOSA1), The Dangerous Kitchen (YCDTOSA1), He's So Gay, Bobby Brown, Keep It Greasey (parts on YCDTOSA3), Honey Don't You Want A Man Like Me?, Carol You Fool, Chana In De Bushwop, Let's Move To Cleveland, Crew Slut, Dinah-Moe Humm (parts on YCDTOSA6), Cosmik Debris, Camarillo Brillo, Muffin Man, Ride My Face To Chicago, Dancin' Fool, Whipping Post

Professional Shot Included in:

Hancock Airport, Syracuse

August 27, 1984
Hancock Airport, Syracuse, NY
6 min.

Jack Morse Interviews FZ

Interview by Jack Morse

musicman12054 (January 17, 2010):

My Dad Jack Morse was a sportscaster on television for many years in Syracuse, NY. One year he was asked if he'd like to cover someting other than sports for a day and having a strong musical background he naturally chose music. He met Frank at Hancock Airport in Syracuse just before he was about to play the NYS Fair in 1984. It took Frank a bit to warm up to him . . . . . .

Informant (YouTube alert): Javier Marcote

Brussels, 1984

September 7, 1984
Vorst Nationaal, Brussels, Belgium

Villa Tempo Villa Tempo

Interview and soundcheck.

Appears in:

Brussels, 1984—Backstage Interview

September 7, 1984
Vorst Nationaal, Brussels, Belgium
3 min.

Brussels, 1984

FZ talks about being on the road again, Barking Pumpkin, new music, etc.

EntertainmentOrDie (YouTube user, December 9, 2010)

Did a backstage interview with Zappa when I was 21. He was NOT happy to be there, had said NO interviews for the whole tour, but we used "The Troops" as leverage—knowing that he'd be heading for Germany next—a half million Americans lived there back then, so we had the clout to get him in the room, but it was pulling teeth from there. Frankly, I got my ass kicked. Still hurts to watch this, but we actually edited it into something that worked. And we never stopped being great fans. Just watching his sound check was a dream.

Informant: Javier Marcote (YouTube alert)

Drammen, 1984

September 13, 1984
Drammenshallen, Drammen, Norway

Michael Brenna, "The Spoo Show," Society Pages #22, November, 1984

According to Frank the concert was videotaped, and he might edit pieces of it into the video he'll make after this whole tour in February.



September 14, 1984
3 min.


1984 09 14—Tele Illustrierte, ?? TV, Germany—Interview and concert footage from St. Goarshausen, Sept. 09, 4 min.


Rotterdam, 1984

September 16, 1984
Ahoy Hall, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Appears in:
Music heard:


French TV

c. September 17, 1984
Unidentified French TV
20 min.

Includes footage from:

FZ (probably at the backstage of the Ahoy, in Rotterdam) talks about his new albums, The Perfect Stranger, Them Or Us, Thing-Fish and Francesco. He also talks about live and recorded music, rock & roll audiences, music and images, the live group, the composers he likes, optional entertainment and the origin of the song "In France," explaining the whole lyrics. Includes some footage from Rotterdam, September 16, 1984.

French TV

Swedish TV

c. September, 1984
3 min.

Backstage interview and some live footage, including parts of "Chunga's Revenge" and the beginning of "Teen-age Wind," probably from the Drammenhallen, September 13, 1984. FZ talks about cocaine and his job on stage.

FZ backstage Musikbyrån

FZ on stage Sydnytt (SVT, 1988)

Appears in:

Shelley Duvall's Faerie Tale Theatre:
"The Boy Who Left Home To Find Out About The Shivers"

September 17, 1984


September 17, 1984
Palais Omnisports de Bercy, Paris, France
Audience recording, B&W (97 min.) and color (87 min.)

Paris 1984 Paris 1984


FZ—lead guitar, vocals
Ray White—guitar, vocals
Ike Willis—guitar, vocals
Bobby Martin—keyboards, sax, vocals
Allan Zavod—keyboards
Scott Thunes—bass, vocals
Chad Wackerman—drums

Songs on the videos:

City Of Tiny Lites, You Are What You Is, Mudd Club, The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing, Carolina Hard Core Ecstasy, Advance Romance, I'm The Slime (*), Joe's Garage, Why Does It Hurt When I Pee?

In France, Trouble Every Day, Penguin In Bondage, Hot-Plate Heaven At The Green Hotel, Sharleena, Let's Move To Cleveland, The Closer You Are, Johnny Darling, No No Cherry, Cosmik Debris, He's So Gay (*), Bobby Brown (*), Illinois Enema Bandit.

(*) only on B&W version

Informants: Chris Rigas, Javier Al Fresco

Angel Casas Show

September 18, 1984
TV3, Barcelona, Spain
21 min.

Angel Casas Show Angel Casas Show

TV schedule from La Vanguardia, September 18, 1984


22.00 Angel Casas Show. Hoy: entrevistas a Frank Zappa, Yago Pericot, Marie Laforet y Pedro Masip.

Javier Marcote (July 30, 2009)

Ángel Casas Show
TV 3 Televisio de Catalunya
September 18, 1984
Alive tv show hosted & directed by Ángel Casas ( see Vibraciones mag) at Studio 54-Barcelona.

Live excepts footage from Palladium '81 "You are what you is " & "Mudd Club".

"Peaches en Regalia" is performed alive by the orchestra of the tv show.

FZ is interviewed about the plastic people from 60's to 80's, hippies, drugs, politics, missiles, gloves, masturbation & glove contest winner at studio.

Footage is available for purchase at:



London Plus

September 24, 1984
3 min.

FZ talks about his four new albums, the keyboard he uses to compose at hotel rooms, his disappointment with the classical music world and how he never cared about shocking the public.

London Plus, 1984

London, 1984

September 25, 1984
Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK
French TV

FZ, c. September 26, 1984 ("Picture Disc Interview")

Yesterday's show? [...] We went out there and played it straight and also it was being videotaped for French television, and you can't be too far out when you're doing that because how are they gonna subtitle it?


Music Box

9 min.


Music Box UK TV 1984

Stadthalle, Vienna, Austria

October 4, 1984
Stadthalle, Vienna, Austria
37 min., aud. rec. (two different shots)

Vienna 1984 Vienna 1984

From: Jon Naurin

Audience shot. Sound is really good and the picture is pretty enjoyable as long as the camera is stable. ? Zoot Allures, Tinseltown Rebellion, More Trouble Every Day, Penguin In Bondage, Hot Plate Heaven At The Green Hotel, The Evil Prince, Lucille Has Messed My Mind Up, Drowning Witch

FZ says:

Tonight during the first two songs you'll be entertained by Austrian television and Hungarian television as they scurry around the stage trying to figure out what the fuck we're going to do in the first two songs.

Additional informant: Javier Marcote

Ohne Maulkorb

c. October 4, 1984
Vienna, Austria
17 min.

Directed by Rudolf Dolezal

Interview with FZ, with parts overdubbed in German. FZ talks about why he's touring Europe again, record contracts and promoters, religious fanatics, Francesco Zappa & Mozart in candies, the Thing-Fish Hustler special, old alchemists. Includes some animation set to "The Perfect Stranger" and footage from the beginning of "Zoot Allures" and "Tinsel Town Rebellion" at the Stadthalle, Vienna, Austria, October 4, 1984.

Also includes "He's So Gay" from The Pier, NYC, August, 1984.

Parts appear on:

Vienna, 1984 The Perfect Stranger

Additional Informants: Noah McKelvie, Javier Marcote

Hungarian TV

c. October 4, 1984
Hungarian TV
6 min.

Hungarian TV Hungarian TV

Includes a short interview and "Tinsel Town Rebellion" from Stadthalle, Vienna, Austria, October 4, 1984.

Informant (YouTube alert): Javier Marcote

Milan, 1984

October 8, 1984
Palazzo dello Sport, San Siro, Milan, Italy
B&W, 2 min.

Report on Zappa concert in Milan. Music heard: "More Trouble Every Day" & "Penguin In Bondage."

Milan 1984

DeeJay Television

c. October 8, 1984
Italian TV, Milan
9 min. (a.k.a. "Zappa Flip" B&W)

FZ gives a neck massagio with salami to Kay Rush, while talking about Milan, pop stars with only one glove, and Thing-Fish.

Video Deejay

Red Ronnie Interview

c. October, 1984
Italian TV

Red Ronnie Interview, 1984

Alex Winter, "Digital Vault Pass: Video," Who The F*@% Is Frank Zappa?, March 31, 2018

During a freewheeling 1984 interview with Italian TV and radio personality Red Ronnie, FZ tells an anecdote about seeing an Italian airport doctor.



RAI, Italy
3 min.


Sandro Paternostro interviews FZ.

Marcomat (Zappateers, October 30, 2005)

SANDRO PATERNOSTRO: Frank Zappa, I'm sure your relatives in Partinico are all in front of their TV-sets to follow your exploits and also this interview. You parents emigrated from Partinico in America and you were born in the US. Recently you've been in Partinico. What were your impressions?

FZ: When I got there I saw . . . We drove all over around the town and I saw some parts of it that were very very poor. [I didn't have the way to ask where my relatives were. After about 20 minutes of driving around we stopped near the church, in front of a bar. The village seemed rather old-fashioned, some streets weren't even asphalted. Then suddenly we heard a loud noise coming from inside the bar: videogames. Then we walked a little and we saw a punk-store. When we returned in Palermo, we've been told some particular stories about Partinico, and so I realized that those loud videogames actually were to cover some other kind of noises].

SP: I see you never give up your peculiar sense of irony. But let's talk briefly about your work. Do you consider yourself a perfector, an inventor, a re-inventor or merely a desecrator of rock music?

FZ: I think I have invented the form of desecration, [I'm not sure this invention is worth to be shared with others.] Rock is something that needs to be made fun of from time to time. It takes itself too seriously.

SP: What are your plans for the future?

FZ: As far as the new album is concerned, it's a double album, which is unusual these days, because the logic would tell us that, because the economy is so bad, no-one should make a double album in 1984. However I made a double album, and the next one will be a triple album and then two other single albums. Logic would tell us this is very wrong to do. But [...] tells me that the people who like what I do want as much of it as they can get—as soon as possible. And I'm happy to provide that.

SP: So, we can but wait until your next triple, quadruple, quintuple, sextuple album will be released. And so on. Grazie, "Frunk" Zappa . . .

Additional Informant: Omair Eshkenazi (YouTube alert)

Villa Tempo

October 12, 1984
Belgian TV
7 min.

FZ talks about being a devote pagan, success, misunderstanding of the lyrics, hand signals, Belgian people. Includes soundcheck loops and performances from "Drowning Witch" and "Ride My Face To Chicago."

Includes footage from:
"Frank Zappa In Vorst 1984," cobra.be

In 1984 treedt Frank Zappa op in het Vorst-Nationaal. Humo-journalist Serge Simonart, die Bowie 'David' mag noemen, wordt ingehuurd om Zappa na de soundcheck enkele pertinente vragen te stellen. De antwoorden zijn dat veel minder. (Villa Tempo, 12 oktober 1984)

Google Translate:
In 1984 occurs Frank Zappa in the Forest National. Humo journalist Serge Simonart that Bowie "David" can call, is hired Zappa after the soundcheck to ask a few pertinent questions. The answers are much lower. (Villa Tempo, October 12, 1984)

Additional informant: Javier Marcote


October 30, 1984

IMDb (September 21, 2008)

TV Series: "Livewire" (1982)
Original Air Date: 30 October 1984
Genre: Talk-Show

Afrika Bambaataa . . . Himself
R.E.M. . . . Band
Adam Yauch . . . Himself
Frank Zappa . . . Himself

Fred Newman . . . Himself / Host


Felt Forum, NYC, NY

October 31, 1984
Felt Forum, NYC, NY

NYC, October 31, 1984

Appears in ET obituary (December 6, 1993).

MTV Interview

December 8, 1984
19 min.

FZ talks about his influences, MTV & music videos, progressive rock, John & Yoko, guitar players. A fragment appears in Rock Influences (MTV, 1984)

MTV Rock Influences

Informant: Javier Marcote

Majestic Performing Arts Center, San Antonio, TX

December 10, 1984
Majestic Performing Arts Center, San Antonio, TX
118 min.

San Antonio, TX, 1984

Javier Marcote (December 7, 2010)

December 10, 1984
Majestic Performing Arts Center, San Antonio, Texas
Static camera above stage (probably from the MPAC) & SBD audio.


Teenage Wind
Truck Driver Divorce
City Of Tiny Lights
You Are What You Is
Mudd Clubb
The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing
Carolina Hard-Core Ecstasy
Advance Romance
In France
Drowning Witch/ The Black Page
Bamboozled by Love
Brown Moses
The Evil Prince
Let's Move To Cleveland
My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Mama
Willie The Pimp
Cosmik Debris
The Illinois Enema Bandit


Rock Influences—Jethro Tull

December, 1984
46 min.

Includes part of the December 8, 1984 MTV interview.

Informant: Marco Ricci

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