We're Turning Again

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"Darren O."

Recently, a scan of a Guitar World magazine from '82 has added some interesting facts. "We're Turning Again" was originally titled "Returning Again".

Foggy G, "The Songs That Were Played," We're Only In It For The Touring

1981-82: Essentially performed as on FZMTMOP.

1988: Essentially performed as on YCDTOSA Volume VI.

The extra lyrics:

Jon Naurin

After the "while you bend down and set your stuff on fire" line, FZ originally intended some more Hendrix-mocking lyrics. Parts of them were sung at the very first shows of the '81 tour, the rest only at rehearsals.

You can smash up your equipment
and throw out the pieces to the front row
we promised not to laugh even though it might be stupid,
Jimi smash it some more.

Jimi, Jimi, Jimi, why did you have to die-die-die?
Why Jimi, why Jimi, whyyyy...did you get so wasted?
You strangled on your vomit
that's really pretty gross.
Promoters are weeping,
coast to coast

If you think that drowning
in a pool of your own spewage
sort of makes you divine
you go to strangle on mine
Even today,
we know we're so evolved,
we keep on puking a lot

Oh, Jimi come back,
come back and watch us while we puke for you
You forgot how to laugh,
and now that's all we really know how to do


(From the "Fall Tour 80 Book", available for $11.00 at BARFKO-SWILL, look under "Misc Swill")

Turn turn
Turn turn
Turn turn
Turn turn
Turn turn
Turn turn, we're
Turning again
Turning again, we will
Turn around
Turn around, 'n
Do it again
Do it again
Turn again
We never learn, an' we
Done it again
We're gonna do it all again when we . . .

We're so young and happy
An' we know where it's at
We're never wrong about nothin'
An' we look good
We never ever have to worry 'caus it
Takes a lot of time 'n it's just too much trouble
To think about some stuff that's only boring
We ain't got no sense of humor
An' we hate everything that's going on
Because we have to
If we believe what's in the papers
And the magazines that define our folklore
Then we need to
And we can't laugh at nothin'
We can never laugh at who or what we seem to be
We are totally empty and our lives are really
Useless so what the fuck
We are descended from older brothers 'n sisters
Who used to take a banana 'n scrape the stuff off
The inside of the flap 'n bake it in the oven
Then they'd smoke it
They though that they was getting high from this
And somebody in an underground newspaper wrote an
Article that told them they was totally right
And not to worry if they got a headache later
They were mellow, the were mellow
They were wearing smelly blankets
The were Donovan fans
They walked around with stupid flowers
In their hair 'n everywhere
They tried to stuff 'em in the guns
Of all the cops 'n other servants of the law
Who tried to push them around
'N later mowed them down
But they were full of the bananas they believed in
So what the fuck
They would tighten all their headbands
On the weekend they would come to town
'N walk around the village to buy posters
They could hang up in their smelly little
Secret black-light bedrooms
Oh Jimi come back
Come back and regulate our fuzztone
Your haze was so purple
And we all knew your axis was bold as love
Oh Jimi feed back
Oh back 'n feed back when you come back
You can feed back the fuzztone from your wah-wah
While you squat down 'n set you guitar on fire
You can smash up your equipment
And throw all the pieces to the audience
And we will love it
We promise not to laugh even though it might look stupid
Since we're so evolved
Oh Jimi-Jimi-Jimi
Why did you have to die-die-die
Why Jimi, why Jimi, why
did you get so wasted
That you strangled on your vomit
If you would have stayed alive
Just a little bit longer we would have liked it
Then if strangling on vomit was your idea
Of a neat way to die
You could have strangled on ours
Even today, even though we're so evolved
We keep on puking a lot
There's tons to go around
After every single concert at the________________
Jimi come back 'n feed back 'n wah-wah
And watch us puke for you
We forgot how to laugh
And now that's all we know how to do
We dress like the 60's, yes we still look the same
You'll think you never went away
You prob'ly wear the same clothes too
And then we can all take some acid together
And go to a concert and get trampled to death
When we watch The Who

We can turn it around
We can go back in time
We can do it all again
Through the canyons of our mind
On the Eve of Destruction
We can fix everything 'n make it go right
We can get in the bath tub with that other guy Jim
An' make him be more careful
We can visit big Mama
'N whap her on the back when she
Eats her sandwich
We can take care of Janis
When she gets so wasted she can't see straight
We can laugh at Keith Moon's jokes
An' tell him he's okay when he gets depressed
Jimi come back
You're the only thing the writers still believe in
An' we believe in the writers
'Cause they write 'n read then we read and we think it's right
What they've written about
'Cause we are functional illiterates
And we can't have any fun because we
Can't be laughing
And neither can you because it's boring being dead
So let's go trip out together

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