The Idiot Bastard Son

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Touring version from Foggy G's We're Only In It For The Touring:

1974: Essentially performed as on YCDTOSA Volume II. At one particularly silly show (7/20), the song became "That Arrogant Dick Nixon", yet another tune inspired by the Watergate situation. Same music as above, with rewritten lyrics. The song was performed as usual for the rest of the tour, though it did transform into an Arrogant Dick tribute at least one more time on 12/31.

1978: Another treat of the Halloween run, rearing it's little head twice during that magnificent stretch. Essentially performed as a blander version of the YCDTOSA Volume II performance, accounting for obvious differences in instrumentation. What we got on this tour was Frank simply singing the vocals, with none of the vocal and musical weirdness that normally occurred between the vocal parts. Jon Naurin points out that this was played in a lower key to adapt to the new vocalist, and reckons that Tommy or Denny probably would not have done as good a job. Way to go, Frank. Patrick Buzby has this to say about the song- "I disagree about your estimation of "The Idiot Bastard Son" from the Halloween shows. This appeals to me due to the "unplugged" feel created by Arthur's acoustic guitar, with Vinnie chilling out a bit on the drums. Also, it's funny to me to hear FZ trying to sing this."

That Arrogant Dick Nixon

Jon Naurin

A mutated version of "The Idiot Bastard Son", performed at a couple of occasions in 1974.


This was performed on 12/31/74 at the Long Beach Arena, Long Beach, California. Sung by Napoleon Murphy Brock to the tune of "The Idiot Bastard Son".

There are at least three tapes from 1974 in circulation with this mutated lyrics: Berkeley, CA, February 16; San Carlos, CA, July 20; Long Beach, CA, December 31. Here are the lyrics and their variations:

That arrogant Dick Nixon
His lies are a legend in congress today
His nose got so long it could reach to L.A

The idiot [2/16/74: "ignorant"] people's choice
The pleasure of seeing their buddy [2/16/74: "that asshole"] get in
They saw [2/16/74: "watched"] his commercials and knew he would win
The idiots' choice . . .

Try an' imagine his office recording machine
He's a bore and a prude, and obnoxiously rude
Wish he'd get screwed

Bebe will dress him [12/31/74: "feed him"] and Billy will pray
His nose will grow and grow, and enter the world
Of fakers and fuckers and hookers like you
[7/20/74: "fakers and liars and people like you"; 12/31/74: "suckers and people and fuckers like you"]
Who smile and think they know what this [2/16/74: "he"] is about

We think we know [7/20/74: "You think you know"] everything, maybe so,
The [12/31/74: "This"] crises thing, will it blow up everything?

Try an' imagine his bullshit, advanced and extreme [12/31/74: "obsessed and deranged"]
All the time that he knew, he was pissing on you
What can we do?

Original lyric transcription by Jon Naurin
Corrections and dates of the variations by Charles Ulrich

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