Baby, Take Your Teeth Out

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Ike Willis interviewed by AJ Abrams on

Is "Baby Take You Teeth Out" about what I think it is?
Yes it is. It is a Bald Headed John story and Frank wrote a tune about it. Naturally it fell to me to do. They just thought "Hey, give it to Ike. He'll sing it. He'll sing anything." I was just doing my job. (Note, the song is graphic, so I'll save you the explanation.)

FZ interviewed by Matt Groening on Zappa! (Guitar Player Magazine special):

So you don't do one type of music In order to pay for another?
No, I would probably do "Baby Take Your Teeth Out" if nobody paid me. I mean, nobody did pay me. That particular song was concocted at a soundcheck at the place where this concert was taking place in Frankfurt. We played at the Alte Opera in 1982, and that song came from that soundcheck.

Foggy G, "The Songs That Were Played," We're Only In It For The Touring

1984: Essentially performed as on "Them or Us", accounting for the obvious differences in instrumentation, and with a Frank guitar solo. Unfortunately, it was played like almost all tunes on this tour—that is faster—and with (are you sitting?), electronic handclaps. Thankfully, Frank takes a solo after the third verse—over the "There ain't nothing left to talk about" vamp—before the final verse is sung and the song concluded. Only performed a handful of times in the middle of the tour. [Thanks to Jon Naurin for the information. The bias is mine.]


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