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Foggy G, "The Songs That Were Played," We're Only In It For The Touring

1973-74: As performed on this tour, the as-yet-untitled "Andy" (frequently referred to as "Something/Anything?") has essentially the same structure as the later OSFA version. But the devil is in the details, and it is the little things that really define this version as being different. The opening segment is slower and more dramatic (quite majestic, to these ears) and includes a repeating keyboard riff that is not present in the later version. The opening lyrics are a lot more staccato, with an awkward stop-and-go action occurring between the phrases, and the first verse is more of a bluesy affair, with Frank playing along with the melody line. The aforementioned keyboard riff pops up again, as does some random soloing by Frank. During the somewhat calm middle section, someone blows a very out-of-place harmonica, and Frank delivers a nice, feedback laden guitar solo. The post solo vocal section is "Andy"-less, with the lyrics appearing as "Have I lied with a thong rind?, Wasting my time on a stoned (?) mind?" Finally, there is no climatic "Andy!" to bring the song to its appropriate conclusion, just Brock wailing over the drum beat, followed by a short Zappa guitar rave-up similar to the one found on OSFA. Brock feels the need to try to accompany Zappa during his solo (by screaming, of course), and this definitely has an effect on the song (no comment). On the whole, an interesting but ultimately inferior version. While the song starts off on the right foot, the slower speed of the song and the staccato verses inhibit the flow of the song. Worth hearing, but not essential.

1974 May: While this version does not yet have the confident swagger of the OSFA take, what we get here is essentially the same nonetheless. This arrangement sounds more similar to the '88 TBBYNHIYL version thanks to the presence of the horn players, yet contains the two guitar solos (the lengthier one in the middle, and the shorter, more frenzied one at the end) as heard on OSFA.

1974 Jul-Dec: Essentially performed as on OSFA, with the only variation being in Frank's solo. Not performed as often on this tour as on the previous two, and would not resurface again until Spring '79.

1979: Essentially performed as on "Anyway the Wind Blows" from Beat the Boots Volume I, with the standard variation coming in the short but tasty solo. Your typical "Andy".

1980: Essentially performed as on OSFA, accounting for obvious differences in instrumentation, and with the standard deviation coming in Frank's quite lengthy and very energetic solo. The opening section of this version always gives me goosebumps, with Tommy's keyboard heralding the arrival of a true classic. Ike and Ray are in top form throughout the song, and the Zappa/Vai guitar combo give the written parts a power that they never seem to find on other tours. Let us not forget that Vinnie is sitting behind the drum kit, and thus we get a manic energy that lifts this version to another level. One of the continual highlights of the tour.

1988: Essentially performed as on TBBYNHIYL, with the standard deviation coming in Frank's too short solo. The transition from "Florentine Pogen" into this tune is one of the better moments of the '88 tour.


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