L'histoire du soldat (A Soldier's Tale)

Igor Stravinsky (1918)

FZ album(s) in which song has appeared

Tour(s) on which song is known to have been performed (main source: FZShows, v. 7.1)


Foggy G, "The Songs That Were Played," We're Only In It For The Touring

1988: Essentially performed as on MAJNH, an[d] always performed in conjunction with the theme from "The Bartok Piano Concerto #3". In its actual live context, these two songs appear in the middle of "Packard Goose", after the line "Music is the best". There is no "Packard Goose" guitar solo this time round, and upon conclusion of this classical medley, the band returns to the post-solo portion of "Packard Goose".


Conceptual Continuity

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