Beat The Boots I: Saarbrücken 1978

Release Information

Saarbrücken 1978

Recorded: September 3, 1978 (2 LP; 1 CD)
Location: Saarbruecken
Length: ~70 min
Sound quality: Soundboard B

Saarbrücken 1978 -- back cover


Notes & Comments


Legal issue on double LP or one CD. "Flakes" looks suspiciously short.
Cover has a WAY-COOL black & white photo of Zappa the mad rocker seemingly lecturing from a chair, one leg across the other, leaning forward with a microphone, looking grouchy, with long, straight ponytail.

The Concert

Prez Zappa

I saw the '78 Concert in Saarbrucken, Germany plus saw the Mothers perform one other time but, don't recall where (definitely Germany though) I have the concert book for the Zappa Concert but, it was actually an "Open Air Festival" with Genesis headlining the concert. The lineup was opening: Brand X, Scorpions, Alvin Lee (Ten Years Later),Frank Zappa, John McLaughlin (One Truth Band), Joan Baez, Genesis. Not necessarily in that order but, close. It was a good time for sure.


Additional informants: Johannes Wijffels


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