Orchestral Favorites 40th Anniversary

disc 1

6. Strictly Genteel (Keyboard OD Version)


disc 2

6. The Story Of Rollo

You mean Emil "Six Doubles" Radocchia?

Terry Bozzio, liner notes, Orchestral Favorites 40th Anniversary (2019)

The percussionists had banks of instruments, and this time, not because they got paid more for each extra noise maker they touched, but because they respected Frank and his music. They had access to Emil's collection and Frank loved percussion! Even though Emil wore a t-shirt saying, "4 doubles" and was making something on the rentals too, it wasn't about that. Here was a guy who had played under Stravinsky, owned and played a Harry Partch microtonal "Diamond Marimba" and he lived for percussion and what you could do with it.


disc 3

12. The Adventures Of Greggery Peccary

Audience Tape vs. Official CD

1975 09 18 Royce Hall UCLA Orchestral Favorites 40th Anniversary (2019)
21. Greggery Peccary Fragments Pt. 1 3.12. The Adventures Of Greggery Peccary
0:01-3:05 00:00-03:02
3:26-5:40 03:02-05:15
22. Greggery Peccary Fragments Pt. 2  
0:00-1:49 05:15-07:04
2:23-7:27 07:04-12:05
7:42-8:56 12:05-13:18


13. Strictly Genteel

Joe Travers, liner notes, Orchestral Favorites 40th Anniversary (2019)

The one disappointment revealed in archiving the concert recording from the evening show of September 18th is the last reel of tape ran out during the end vamp of the final song "Strictly Genteel," thus missing the actual end of the concert and the surprise guest appearance of one Don Van Vliet aka Captain Beefheart on saxophone.



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