Make A Jazz Noise Here

disc 1

1. Stinkfoot

Derek Milhouse Gilger, August 28, 2013

Obviously, Ed Mann quotes/plays "Dickie's Such An Asshole" circa 7:21-7:40. But if you listen closely, I think you'll also hear that Chad plays That Lick on the snare drum circa 7:11-7:16 ( ! )


2. When Yuppies Go To Hell

Mike Keneally, "Really, Keneally?,"

I'm pretty darned sure that the only synthesizer I play on "Yuppies" is on the opening composed section (the "head" as we say in the biz). There's three synths in that section, all played simultaneously—Robert on kind of a vocal timbre, Scott Thunes on Mini-Moog bass, and me on Yamaha DX-5 clavinet.


11. Big Swifty


Informants: John W. Busher, Patrick Buzby

  Rudi-Sedlmeyer Sporthalle, Munich, Germany
May 9, 1988
09:01-09:25 Wembley Arena, London, UK
April 18, 1988
09:25-09:31 The Ahoy, Rotterdam, Netherlands
May 3, 1988
  Unknown date and location


12. King Kong

in the Upper Devonian. There was a really nice intellectual kind of a placoderm type of a fish

Bruce Fowler, interviewed by Evil Prince, T'Mershi Duween #55-57, November, 1996-March, 1997

I did something on the 1988 tour in Cleveland about the fossil fish from Cleveland. They're these armoured fish from the Devonian period. I knew we were going there and I called up the museum and spoke to the expert in the fish who told me something about them. Then we had to start talking politics.


disc 2

1. The Black Page (new age version)

Mike Genovese, March 20, 2015

I think some of the head may be from 3/17/88 binghampton ny.


6. Theme from the Bartok Piano Concerto #3

Andrew Greenaway, "Interview With Scott Thunes," The Idiot Bastard, August 8, 2006

Idiot Bastard: Was it your idea to bung a bit of Bartok into Packard Goose on the 88 tour?

Scott Thunes: Nope. Frank's. He asked me to orchestrate it, and the Stravinsky, for the band. He tweezed it a bit, so it's not 'reeeely' all mine, but I take credit for it because he stole credit for the music for Promiscuous, as bad as it is.

FZ, interviewed by Bill Camarata, Scene, March, 1988

Isn't [the first movement of Bartok's third piano concerto] one of the most beautiful melodies you ever heard in your life? [...] That, and Stravinsky's "Royal March" (from "L'Histoire Du Soldat") are in the middle of "Packard Goose" (from JOE'S GARAGE). Instead of a guitar solo we put those two pieces in there.

Mike Keneally, "Really, Keneally?,"

Q: [...] Why is the Theme from the Bartok Piano Concerto #3 cut in half on Make a Jazz Noise Here? What happens to the mellow piano lead that Bobby Martin plays right before the horn section comes in?

A: Bobby (sorry, Robert) never executed that passage to Frank's total satisfaction. It's too bad, 'cause the full-length version had a lot more impact. The first half of the horn section is missing also.


7. Sinister Footwear 2nd mvt.

AJ Wilkes, Sinister Footwear—The Living Composition, May, 1998

The edit points in the Jazz Noise version:
Sinister Footwear—Second Movement

0:00—0:36 May 25, Mannheim
0:36—1:47 May 3, Rotterdam
1:47—4:04 March 19, Allentown
4:04—unknown February 10, Washington D.C.
unknown—end March 19, Allentown


11. Advance Romance

(You should have know
You see the Tipper Gore discharge?)

JWB (September 25, 1998)

These are references to a pair of panties with discharge at the bottom that were thrown on stage. Vaginal discharge is sometimes called "voodoo butter". Butt discharge is called "voodoo fudge". I don't know what "Tipper Gore discharge" is, but it's probably not good.

(Well, uh . . . He's been havin' trouble goin' to the mound, I don't know)
(Don't think we need any more spread hitters, you know)
(He's a-sprayin' into left field)
(Oh, he's uh, gonna spray one into left field right about now, I don't know, uh . . . well, uh . . .)

JWB (September 25, 1998)

These lines are from the Bilbao show, and are references to baseball.



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