Frank Zappa—A Pioneer Of The Future Of Music—Parts 1 & 2

April 22 & 29, 2007
Nederland 2
120 min.

Directed by Frank Scheffer

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Part 1 includes footage from:
Part 2 includes footage from:
Backstage VPRO

Twee Uur van de Wolf documentaires: Frank Zappa- A pioneer of the future of music, Part l & ll Voorpremiere maandag 2 april, Omroepbioscoop in het Ketelhuis, Amsterdam Ruim veertien jaar geleden overleed Frank Zappa.
A pioneer of the future of music Part I & II is een hommage van Frank Scheffer aan een eigenzinnig genie. Zappa was niet alleen een van de meest bijzondere rock-artiesten maar ook een van de meest uitzonderlijke componisten van de twintigste eeuw.

De film bestaat uit archief-materiaal met o.a. interviews met Zappa en een immense hoeveelheid geluid- en beeldmateriaal van o.a. performances, studio-opnames en filmische experimenten die Zappa gedurende z'n hele leven zelf geregistreerd en gearchiveerd heeft.
Frank Scheffer maakt in de film gebruik van verschillende technieken om, net als Zappa, zo optimaal mogelijk het 'collage-principe' tot z'n recht te laten komen.

De premiere wordt ingeleid door Willem de Ridder: legendarisch VPRO-hoorspelmaker en meesterverteller.

Maandag 2 april, Het Ketelhuis 4 (schuin t/o Ketelhuis)
Zaal open 19.00 uur, Aanvang 19.30 uur.

Wil je bij deze premiere aanwezig zijn? De entree is gratis, maar je moet wel even reserveren bij het Ketelhuis: 020-6840098

Kun je niet op 2 april? Frank Zappa- A pioneer of the future of music, Part l & ll wordt op zondag 22 en 29 april uitgezonden om 19.00 uur op Nederland 2.

Translation (kindly provided by Marc Schouwenberg)

Two 'Het Uur van de Wolf' [=name of the TV-show] documentaries: "Frank Zappa—A pioneer of the future of music, Part l & ll". Pre-premiere on Monday 2 April, in the cinema at 'Het Ketelhuis' [=name of the venue], Amsterdam. Over fourteen years ago [sic] Frank Zappa passed away.
"A pioneer of the future of music Part I & II" is Frank Scheffer's tribute to an extraordinary genius. Zappa wasn't just one of the most remarkable rock musicians, he was also one of the most exceptional twentieth-century composers.

The movie features archive-material of interviews with Zappa and a great amount of sound and video material of performances, studio-recordings and cinematographic experiments which Zappa himself had been registering and archiving during his life.
In the movie, Frank Scheffer uses a wide range of techniques, just like Zappa, in order to carry out the 'collage-principle' as good as possible.

The premiere night features an introduction by Willem de Ridder: legendary for his VPRO radio plays and a great narrator.

Monday 2 april, Het Ketelhuis 4 [=address] (diagonally across 'Het Ketelhuis' [?])
Doors open at 19.00, The show starts at 19.30.

Do you want to be at the premiere? Entrance is free, but you will have to make a reservation at 'het Ketelhuis': 020-6840098.

Can't be there on 2 april? "Frank Zappa—A pioneer of the future of music, Part l & ll" will be broadcast on sunday 22 and 29 april at 19.00 on Nederland 2 [=TV-station].


Frank Zappa
A pioneer of the future of music

Film in two parts by Frank Scheffer about Frank Zappa (1940-1993), not only one of the most exceptional rock-artists, but also one of the most unique composers of the 20th century. The documentary is a tribute to a self-willed genious; to the man who—as an intangible critic—observed the (American) society for decades with sarcasm and ingenious wit.

"If you deviate from the norm, it might lead to progression"
Frank Zappa

A Pioneer of the future of Music Part 1 & II exists of archived material and interviews with people who worked very close to Zappa and have been inspired by him. This material to a large extent is derived from the Vault, the massive—for a large part still unrevealed archive, in which everything which Zappa has ever recorded is stored: performances, studio-recordings, experiments, family-events, meetings, movies, and everything else he was interested in.

Also in this documentary are parts of former Frank Scheffer films and the 1971 Roelof Kiers VPRO film about—and in collaboration with—Frank Zappa.

Part I is a renewed acquaintance with FZ, his music, the seventies, era of performances of Freaks, flower children . . .

Interviews with Gail Zappa and famous Mothers of Invention: George Duke, Ian Underwood, Mark Volman and Bruce Fowler.

Part II focuses on the influences of Frank Zappa on the music industry. Musicians like Steve Vai, Terry Bozzio and Napoleon Murphy Brock talk about their collaboration with Zappa. Frank Zappa's compositions today are being performed in concerthalls. Not just by the Ensemble Contemporain, but also by the Teheran Symphony Orchestra from Iran. Both are to be seen in the documentary, as well as Dweezil Zappa, who performs today with his father's material.

A documentary from Frank Scheffer.

Marc Schouwenberg (May 10, 2007):

Alright, after having seen both parts of the Pioneer documentary, I can tell you that it's definitely not the same as Frank Scheffer's earlier films about FZ. However, it's not a completely new thing either. I think what Scheffer did is that he discarded the original idea of a trilogy, and instead he decided to re-edit the material from "Present Day Composer" & "Phase Two" and turn it into a new two-part documentary, adding some exclusive things as well. The division between the two parts isn't parallel to the division between the earlier docs though; he mixed it up a little bit, so Pioneer #1 contains material from both earlier films, and Pioneer #2 also contains material from both.

Here's a list of the footage which I thought was never available before:


—New Denny Walley-footage (which apparently was originally part of "Phase Two: The Big Note", but I still haven't seen that one).
—Archive footage of the GTO dancing on stage with the MOI; and new interviews with Miss Pamela and Miss Mercy.
—I think the sequence of Freaks dancing at a MOI show (at the Garrick?) was longer than I've seen at any place else, but I might be wrong about this.
—Archive footage of The Grand Wazoo Orchestra, "on the road" as well as "during soundcheck". That material seems to have been recorded on silent film, because 'unfortunately' it is accompanied by the studio version of The Grand Wazoo, which we all know by now... Well, let's hope for Imaginary Diseases #2!


—Malcolm McNab playing the Bebop Tango, originally entitled "Malcolm McNab" (was this also already in The Big Note?).
—New interviews with the ZPZ-special guests, meaning: Napi (telling how hearing Frank's music for the first time was like the greatest orgasm he ever had); Bozzio (when he played The Black Page correctly for the first time, FZ said "Bozzio, you're a fucking genius"); and Vai (demonstrating how FZ taught him What's New In Baltimore).
—New interview with Dweezil, also mainly about ZPZ.
—ZPZ live footage, including BlackPage, Echidna'sArf, and Sofa (live in Paris).

Noah McKelvie (August 2, 2008)

Footage of "Chunga's Revenge" (which is with FZ on the screen from the Palladium 1981) and "Trouble Every Day" (a tiny bit of Dweezil's guitar solo) from the same ZPZ Paris concert is also shown.

Additional informant: Corné van Hooijdonk

Table Of Contents

Draft. Timings approximate.

Part 1

00:00   ...
00:38 Vienna, 1968  
01:03   Gail Zappa
01:18 Vienna, 1968  
01:36 c. 1968-69  
02:18   ...
02:25 VPRO, 1970  
02:33 Fillmore West, 1970  
02:46 VPRO, 1970  
02:47 Pinewood, 1971  
02:57 VPRO, 1970  
03:01 Uncle Meat, 1970  
03:14 VPRO, 1970  
03:22   Joe Travers, The Vault
03:57 Pal Studio, c. 1963  
04:13 VPRO, 1970  
04:30   ...
04:56 VPRO, 1970  
05:10   ...
05:37 VPRO, 1970  
05:51 Pal Studio, c. 1963  
06:05 [old pictures]  
06:17   Denny Walley
06:57   ...
07:41   Denny Walley
09:07 Passaic, 1978 Denny Walley
10:25   Denny Walley
11:23   ...
11:49 VPRO, 1970  
12:08   ...
12:54 VPRO, 1970  
13:15   Stravinsky
13:22   ...
13:42 VPRO, 1970  
14:43   ...
15:13 MOI Pictures Animation  
15:26 MOI Rehearsal, c. 1969  
15:30 MOI, c. 1969  
15:36   Joe Travers, The Vault
15:51 Shrine, 1966  
16:47   Elliot Ingber
17:02 Shrine, 1966  
17:57   Gail Zappa
18:10 Shrine, 1966  
19:12 Garrick, 1967  
19:34 VPRO, 1970  
19:55 Garrick, 1967  
20:05   The Vault/...
20:49   Haskell Wexler
21:09 WOIIFTM Cover, 1967  
21:47   Gail Zappa
22:14   ...
22:39 Interview, 1970  
22:43   ...
22:50 Berlin, 1968  
23:20   Gail Zappa
23:34 Berlin, 1968  
24:07 Interview, 1970  
24:44   ...
24:52 Garrick, 1967  
26:11   Gail Zappa
26:29 The Omens, c. 1958-1962  
26:36 Adelaide Tonight, 1973  
29:03   ...
29:09 LA, VPRO, 1970  
29:14 Uncle Meat, 1970  
29:45   Haskell Wexler
30:01 Uncle Meat, 1970  
30:26   Haskell Wexler
30:33 Uncle Meat, 1970  
30:58   Haskell Wexler
31:12   Miss Pamela
31:18   Miss Pamela
32:00 MOI & GTO's, prob. Whisky à Go-Go, July 23, 1968  
32:27 [FZ & GTO's Pictures]  
32:46 GTO's, prob. Shrine Exposition Hall, December 6-7, 1968  
32:52 VPRO, 1970  
33:15   Miss Mercy
33:31 GTO's  
33:51   Miss Pamela
34:04   ...
34:16 Pal Studio, c. 1963  
34:20 Royal Festival Hall, 1968  
34:33 Mayfair, 1967  
34:53   Ian Underwood
35:03 Mayfair, 1967  
35:05   Ian Underwood
35:07 Mayfair, 1967  
36:07   Ian Underwood
36:35 Royal Festival Hall, 1968  
40:00   Joe Travers, The Vault
40:13   ...
40:25 Fillmore West, 1970  
41:39   George Duke
42:42 Fillmore West, 1970  
43:27 VPRO, 1970  
44:14 Pinewood, 1971  
45:21 Fillmore West, 1970  
45:42 Mark Volman, Pinewood, 1971  
46:06 VPRO, 1970  
46:50 Pinewood, 1971  
47:20 VPRO, 1970  
47:44 Pinewood, 1971  
48:05   Bruce Fowler
48:27 The Grand Wazoo, 1972  
49:50   Bruce Fowler
49:56 The Grand Wazoo, 1972  
50:54 Vienna, 1968  
50:56   George Duke
51:25 LA, VPRO, 1970  
51:36 VPRO, 1970  

Part 2

00:00   ...
00:38 The Grand Wazoo, 1972  
00:42 Vienna, 1968  
01:07   Dweezil Zappa
01:35 Vienna, 1968  
01:51   Emil Richards
02:19 The Grand Wazoo, 1972  
02:24 VPRO, 1970  
02:46 Captain Beefheart, c. 1969  
02:50 MOI, c. 1969  
03:00 Garrick, 1967  
03:08   George Duke
03:38 Fillmore West, 1970  
04:33   George Duke
05:13 KCET, 1974  
05:45   George Duke
06:08 KCET, 1974  
06:41   George Duke
07:10 KCET, 1974  
08:31   George Duke
08:53 KCET, 1974  
09:59   Napoleon Murphy Brock
10:54 KCET, 1974  
11:27   Napoleon Murphy Brock
11:52 KCET, 1974  
13:14   Tom Fowler
13:36   Bruce Fowler
13:48 Stockholm, 1973  
14:26   Tom Fowler
14:36 Stockholm, 1973  
14:55   Bruce Fowler
15:06 Stockholm, 1973  
15:55   Bruce & Tom Fowler
17:48   Bruce Fowler, Malcolm McNab & Earle Dumler
17:55 Stockholm, 1973  
18:20 The Grand Wazoo, 1972  
18:28   Bruce Fowler
18:42 The Grand Wazoo, 1972  
18:57   Bruce Fowler, Malcolm McNab & Earle Dumler
20:20 Stockholm, 1973  
20:49   Bruce Fowler
21:08 Stockholm, 1973  
21:32   Emil Richards
23:05   Dweezil Zappa
23:31   Terry Bozzio, Steve Vai, Dweezil & ZPZ
31:57 NYC, 1970  
32:32   Steve Vai
32:51 Palladium, 1977 ...
36:57   Pierre Boulez
38:06   Ensemble Modern
39:30   ...
39:48 VPRO, 1970  
40:09   Gail Zappa
40:20 Ensemble Modern, LA, 1991  
41:14 NYC, 1970  
41:22   Gail Zappa
41:30 NYC, 1970  
41:40 LA, 1991  
41:46   Teheran Symphony Orchestra, Nader Mashayekhi, Lale Fallah Passand, Mahnaz Saheb Jam
44:23   ...
45:10 Steve Allen Show, 1963  
47:56   Dweezil Zappa, ZPZ
49:44 Palladium, 1981 (on screen) ZPZ
50:17 Pal Studio, c. 1963  
50:22   ZPZ, Dweezil Zappa
51:23 VPRO, 1970  
51:34   ZPZ
52:00 VPRO, 1970  
53:16   ZPZ


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