We Been There

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From Zonx (p. 616)

We been there,
Livin' the Live Beyond The Beat;
Livin' the Live Beyond The Big Beat; Dance Beat
(You know the one—everybody's playin' that same ol' beat)

We been there,
Playin' them songs
With the beat all wrong;
Tanglin' feet—
Playin' them songs
For the people who know 'bout the Good Stuff—
Can't get enough,
'Cause the Big Groups all go

On that road, playin' in places
Where you can't hear;
Playin' in towns that are never near to a plane or a train—
Ah The Good Life!
Burnin' up the road in a bus all night—
Ain't this livin'?
Ain't this livin'?
I don't know—
Time to go

On that road!
Hit another town where they sit there,
Quiet in the chair, like a Zombie—
Wanna hear every note;
(Did we play all the notes there?)
Do they still roll around
In the back of the room,
Or somewhere?


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