This Is My Story

(Gene Forrest/Eunice Levy)

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Foggy G, "The Songs That Were Played," We're Only In It For The Touring

1981: A harmless, little 50's tune, performed a handful of times throughout the tour.

Marc De Bruyn (, September 7, 2003

"This Is My Story" was originally written and released by Forest Gene Wilson and Eunice Levy, as Gene & Eunice (Aladdin 3238, 1955). It also appeared on the pop charts for one week in 1960 at #100 (RCA 7811), performed by Mickey & Sylvia, a duo that is primarily remembered as a one-hit act—for "Love Is Strange", which reached number 11 in 1957.

Gene & Eunice were Los Angeles' answer to New Orleans' Shirley & Lee (their labelmates at Aladdin Records), except that Gene & Eunice's duets were much lighter and lyrical. West Coast-based duo Gene & Eunice were the first to hit with "Kokomo", recorded for the Combo label in late 1954. However, as luck would have it, it wasn't long before RCA's Perry Como had his own version out and Snooky Lanson was soon seen performing the song on TV's Your Hit Parade, effectively erasing the public's short-term memory of the original hit version. The twosome re-recorded the song for Aladdin, then scored again with the ballad "This Is My Story". By now, Gene & Eunice were a huge draw on the personal appearance circuit, but their subsequent singles failed to chart. It wasn't until 1959 that they would find success with "Poco Loco", recorded for the small independent Case label.

Mickey & Sylvia

Mickey Baker (born McHouston Baker) was considered one of the greatest guitar players of early rock & roll; he is mostly known for his great session work for the Aladdin, Atlantic, King and Savoy labels—it earned him the title Mickey 'Guitar' Baker. Baker's skills contributed to the success of The Drifters, Big Joe Turner, Ruth Brown, Big Maybelle, Ray Charles, Champion Jack Dupree, Louis Jordan, Clyde McPhatter, Wynonie Harris, Ivory Joe Hunter, King Curtis, Amos Milburn, The Coasters, Sunnyland Slim, LaVern Baker, etc. etc. His partner (and former guitar student) was Sylvia Robinson (born Vanderpool). Their recordings were inconsistent, but at their best they offered a fetching blend of blues, Bo Diddley, calypso, and doo wop. After "Love Is Strange," whose devastating licks inspired countless guitarists, the duo notched a couple more substantial R&B hits, but although they recorded as late as 1965, they never approached the Top 20 again. Mickey Baker recorded as a solo artist and enjoyed a fairly successful career as an expatriate sessionman in France. Sylvia Robinson unexpectedly re-emerged with the number three pre-disco hit "Pillow Talk" in 1973, and co-founded the pioneering rap label Sugar Hill in the late '70s (including Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five and the seminal "Rappers Delight" by the Sugarhill Gang).

"This Is My Story" was also recorded by the Jewels and the Four Lovers.

"This is my story, I have no song / Just alone and broken hearted / Just because I fell in love / In love with you / I pray that you'll come back to me / Just to hear you say you love me / And we'll never, ever part / Part from you / Dooba, da do, da do, da do / Dooba, dooba, dooba, / Dooba, da do, da do, da do / Dooba, dooba, dooba / Dooba, da do, da do, da do / Dooba, dooba, dooba do / Da do, da do, da do / You pray that I'll come back to you / Yes, darling, I love you / And we'll never, ever part / No we'll never, ever part / No we'll never, ever part / No we'll never, ever part"



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