These Are The 90's

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From Zonx (p. 618)

These are the 90's:
The decade you wanted—
We know that you like them;
You think they are mod-ren

The zippers go this way;
The zippers go that way—
Glop on the mousse, now—
(Here comes the drum break!)

Dance, Dance
Take a chance
Dance, Dance
Find romance
Dance, Dance
Move your feet
Dance, Dance
Bliss complete

You go with No Men
Have you lost weight, then?
What an expression!
You are so serene!

Can you spell Turkey?
Where is Nebraska?
Isn't it perfect,
(The evening, I mean—)

These are the 90's,
Oh! They're really something!
Your clothes are so ugly,
They're almost obscene


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