Purple Haze

(Jimi Hendrix)

FZ album(s) in which song has appeared

Tour(s) on which song is known to have been performed (main source: FZShows, v. 7.1)


Foggy G, "The Songs That Were Played," We're Only In It For The Touring

1988; This song is only performed once during the tour, and it is not the performance captured on TBBYNHIYL. That performance is from a sound check, and is a more confident performance than the 5/26 "in-front-of-an-audience" version. Despite its somewhat clumsy nature, however, the 5/26 performance is great because it comes in the midst of an unusual, much better than normal "Willie the Pimp". During this show's performance of the "Hot Rats" classic, the band segues into "Flight of the Valkyrie" immediately upon entering what should be the guitar solo section. Following this brief Wagner quote, the band then finds itself in the midst of "Purple Haze", and manages to work its way through a rather sloppy performance of the tune. The arrangement is essentially the same as that Best Band version, but the results are not as good. Finally, to end this mini-Monster performance of "Willie the Pimp", Frank takes a better-than-average guitar solo, and the show continues.



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