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Foggy G, "The Songs That Were Played," We're Only In It For The Touring

1974: This song was played MUCH slower on this tour than in the version on OSFA. It debuts on the European portion of the tour as a painfully slow and very uninteresting number (even as a historical comparison, the first performance sucks.) The tempo picks up slightly over the course of its several performances, but never really gains much speed. For the most part, it is a keyboard and drums affair, with very little of that biting guitar that we have in the OSFA version. Hence, the song had a very laid-back, slow blues sort-of feel to it. Frank would solo, and provide minimal rhythmic support to George's keyboard solos, but none of those wicked, composed runs found in the studio take. THAT IS, however, until the Mini-monster performance found during the 11/30 show. At the end of Frank's somewhat short solo, Frank hesitantingly begins playing the melodic lines we know from OSFA, with Duke hesitatingly joining in. Frank continues teasing the riffs, Duke continues to follow, and although they never achieve the power and precision found on the studio take, the results are quite musical. Not only that, but this seems to spurn on Frank's quest for improvisation, as this performance takes us into improvisational heaven. Duke solos, Brock solos, Ruth solos, an audience members lectures us on music, Fowler solos, and then musical chaos ensues as Frank leads the band through some random orchestrations on their way back to the mellow, laid back ending. A perfect ending for this song's way too short live career. Thus, over the course of the tour, we find that Frank's solos are not much to listen to at first, but that with each subsequent performance, Frank gets more comfortable with the song's rhythm and changes, and his solos come to have a little more bite to them. Then, without warning, the final performance erupts into a shower of improvisational heaven.


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