Imaginary Diseases

FZ album(s) in which song has appeared

Tour(s) on which song is known to have been performed (main source: FZShows, v. 7.1)


Charles Ulrich, "Petit Wazoo Repertoire," The Planet Of My Dreams

Malone on trombone. This instrumental sounds like the theme to a western movie—somewhere between The Magnificent Seven and Run Home Slow. The head starts with massed horns, followed by Zappa's guitar. There's a long guitar solo by FZ, and then a return to the head. It's too bad the 1988 band didn't revive this tune.

Foggy G, "The Songs That Were Played," We're Only In It For The Touring

1972: This instrumental tune resembles many of the other jazz influenced tracks performed on this tour. The song starts off with a heavily composed theme, with some busy horn parts, and some Frank guitar slithering around the proceedings. After about two minutes of written music, the band settles into an active shuffle groove, over which Frank gives us an intense and somewhat mean sounding guitar solo. After Frank complete's his solo, we return to the main theme, which is again played once through before the tune ends.


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