If Only She Woulda

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Foggy G, "The Songs That Were Played," We're Only In It For The Touring

1980 Mar-Jul: Essentially performed as on YAWYI, allowing for obvious differences in instrumentation, and with the standard deviation coming in Arthur's keyboard solo and Frank's guitar solo. For some reason, this "Robby Krieger Secret Chord Progression" seems to bring out the best in Frank, and as a result, these performances are some of the best of the tour. Arthur's cheesy keyboard solo creates an excellent atmosphere, which Frank proceeds to rip apart with some his most biting guitar playing. Why this song never made it past 1980 is one of the great mysteries of Frank's touring career, as it never failed to produce absolutely first rate guitar solos. YET ANOTHER CARLOS SANTANA CONCEPTUAL CONTINUITY CLUE- During the 6/11 performance of this tune, Frank plays the melody line to the Zombies' "She's Not There" during his solo, and then sings the first line of that song before resuming "If Only She Woulda". Santana covered this song in the late '70's, and Frank's tease sounds similar to Carlos' playing on that tune.

1980 Oct-Dec: Otherwise known as "Variations on the Robby Krieger Secret Chord Progression". Essentially performed as on YAWYI, with the standard deviation coming in both Arthur's (yes, Arthur's) and Frank's solos. For me, this song is the highlight of 1980. The song itself is okay, though definitely better than most of YAWYI. The solo section, however, is excellent. The vamp is highly contagious, possibly the most danceable beat Zappa ever soloed over. Arthur's Doors-influenced solos are great, and set the perfect stage for Frank to simply freak- which is what he does for this song. Playing with an overabundance of energy and enthusiasm, Frank tears this song to pieces- solong in, around, over, and directly through the rhythm section. One of several 1980 tunes that I would have loved to see make it to later tours.

Conceptual Continuity


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