I Come From Nowhere

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1988 Tour

Mike Keneally, "All About Mike!," keneally.com, c. 1998

Many tunes were rehearsed which did not make their way into the live repertoire. Many hours were spent on a weird, mechanical Devo-sounding arrangement of "I Come From Nowhere".

The Nowhere riff (formerly known as "Mystery Song #1")

Oscar Bianco, FZShows Homepage

A typical FZ melody now identified in I Come From Nowhere. It first occurs on the NYC 1969 06 13 show and reappears in an handful of shows of 1973 and 1974 tours, mostly during the improvisation before Dupree's Paradise. Then again appears in the Hartford 1977 10 17 show and in some of the early 1980 pre-tour rehearsals, where it's superimposed on My Sharona.

A partial list of the Nowhere riff quotations compiled by Charles Ulrich:

6/13/69 (early) New York (MOI Electric Bassoon Concerto)
5/9/73 Passaic (Big Swifty)
9/13/73 Birmingham (Dupree's Paradise, improvisations)
9/14/73 London (Dupree's Paradise)
11/18/73 Waterloo (Dupree's Paradise)
12/1/73 (early) Stony Brook (Big Swifty)
11/8/74 (late) Passaic (Big Swifty)
11/23/74 East Lansing (Dupree's Purgatory)
10/17/77 Hartford (Conehead)
12/78 rehearsal (Deathless Horsie)
1/29/80 rehearsal (vs. My Sharona)
2/9/80 rehearsal (vs. My Sharona)
2/10/80 rehearsal (vs. My Sharona)



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