I Came On Your Face

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"I Came On Your Face", was rehearsed on April 6, 1982. The tune is similar to "The Closer You Are". It is a different song, though. Jon lists it as "I Came On Your Face". The first time I heard it, I thought it was new lyrics to "The Closer You Are". Then I hypothesized that it might even have been performed in concert, because of the remarks on YCDTOSA 4 along the lines of "We're gonna do it straight. It's gonna be hard, though."

However, when I listened to it again and transcribed the lyrics, I realized that the melody of the verse is similar to TCYA but not identical. And the melody of the bridge is actually completely different.

On the tape, the first three words are missing, as are the end of the second verse and the first line of the bridge.

Darren O.

Jon Naurin cleared up a little bit on the "I Came On Your Face" song. It is actually a slowed down version of "He's So Gay", which does sound strikingly similar to "The Closer You Are".

The lyrics

Originally included at Reverend Neve's Zappa Page

[I came in] your mouth and broke your nose it's true
I came in your mouth, but you wanted me to
Well, you were just looking for something to do
So I came in your mouth, ah, and darling you liked it
You liked it a lot

So I scummed on your hair
But you said that wasn't fair
You know I tried to hold you tight
But you leaned to the right
And of course it co- [edit]

So tender, my dear, you should have listened to me
But there was so much when you reached out to touch
Adhesion occurred and your vision was blurred

That's when I came on your face
And also every other place
This strange material went
As over you bent (doo doo)
Yes, you bent over and

I came on the wall
And all the pictures on it started to crawl
Toward the holy water thing down the hall
And I filled it all



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