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Donny & Marie Osmond TV Hawaiian Punch Commercial:

Hawaiian Punch
"Really goes Hawaiian!"

YouTube: Hawaiian Punch (00:30 min.)

Marc De Bruyn (emdebe@village.uunet.be), August 15, 2003

FZ's memories of the tune probably went back to the 1978-1981 era, when his favorite morons (and Mormons) Donny and Marie OSMOND did 5 Hawaiian Punch TV Commericals (probably because their careers started to wane)...

For those who might be interested: what's in a name? The main ingredients of the first Hawaiian Punch recipe were shipped from the Hawaiian Islands, thus the origin of the name. Although the name Hawaiian Punch had been originally trademarked by a company from Chicago during the 1920s, the Pacific Hawaiian Products Co. claimed the expired trademark in 1954.


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