Hall Of The Mountain King

(Edvard Grieg)

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A partial list of "Hall Of The Mountain King" quotes, compiled by Charles Ulrich

75/05/23 El Paso (Dupree's Purgatory)
75/10/29 (early) Waterbury (Illinois Enema Bandit)
76/03/02 (late) Lund (Black Napkins)
84/10/10 Bologna (Trouble Every Day)
84/10/14 Rome (Illinois Enema Bandit)
84/11/18 Columbus (King Kong)
84/12/18 (late) Vancouver (City Of Tiny Lights)
88/02/09 Washington (Bamboozled By Love)
88/03/04 Chicago (The Torture Never Stops)
88/04/22 Würzburg (Stairway To Heaven)
88/04/27 Oslo (The Torture Never Stops, Stairway To Heaven)
88/05/26 F├╝rth (Stairway To Heaven)
1988 all performances of The Torture Never Stops

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