Children Of The Corn

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From: Furbelly

Just got back from my FZ-pseudo-tribute band's latest practice, wherein, after the practice, while we were quaffing some ales, the new bass player ("Scab") regaled us with some stories concerning a friend of his, one Devin Townsend (who, Vai fans will recognize as playing and singing on a few Vai CD's.) Anyways, one of the anecdotes he mentioned was of Devin running through the UMRK in an interesting predicament (I will retell this story once I find out the details in a sober form). This prompted Frank to write a song called "Children Of The Corn". Only lyrics were written, no music. I reiterate, I will find out the full details and follow up this post. Thanks for viewing these ramblings.

From: Furbelly a.k.a. "Darren O."

Unfortunately, I never did see that bass player again, he only jammed with
our band the one time, so I never got to follow-up the song. From the best
of my recollection, Devin apparently had something up the poop chute, pulled it out and there was a piece of corn stuck to it, hence why FZ wrote those lyrics.


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