Boogie For Berkeley

FZ album(s) in which song has appeared


From: graham connah (
boogie for berkeley was named by FZ, he played it on some radio show
(that thing with beefheart in late 75?) where he was guest DJ and spun a
variety of early rarities, most of which ended up on a mystery disc—(but i
do not recall B for B ending up on any actual "release"). FZ stated on the
air that B for B was only performed live two or three times, and none of
those performances have shown up on conceert tapes. It is a snappy little
number that someone ought to cover.

From: Biffy the Elephant Shrew (biffyshrew@aol.commie.rats)
FZ played it on the 1975 radio show with Beefheart and announced "The
name of the song is 'Boogie For Berkeley.' It was never released on a
record—in fact it was only performed in concert twice."


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