America Drinks (& Goes Home)

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Foggy G, "The Songs That Were Played," We're Only In It For The Touring

1968: Simply beautiful in all its cheesy splendor. This often ignored classic pops up at least once this year (on 4/10), and apart from the slightly improvised lyrics, essentially appears as on "Absolutely Free". Sandwiched between a healthy dose of energy called "Hungry Freaks Daddy" and the tour-de-force musical monster of "King Kong", this lounge act homage provides the perfect contrast and relief, and highlights one of the most enjoyable tapes from this tour.

1972: An instrumental, busily arranged version of the "Absolutely Free" track, with some random jazz madness thrown in just to be safe. Running at about 4 minutes in length, this upbeat tune basically consists of a series of themes and motifs—heavy on the horn arrangements—interspersed throughout with short horn solos.


Themes "America Drinks" AF (1967) "America Drinks & Goes Home" AF (1967) Jean-Luc Ponty "America Drinks And Goes Home" King Kong (1970) October 29, 1972, Binghamton, NY "America Drinks" ZINY 40th (2019)
Theme A 0:17-1:19 0:04-1:08; 1:08-2:36 0:00-1:06 0:00-1:06 0:48-1:39
solos     1:06-1:22 1:06-1:20 1:39-1:51
Theme B     1:22-2:28 1:20-2:23 1:51-2:56
Theme C       2:23-2:45 2:56-3:18
solos       2:45-3:42 3:18-4:35
Theme D       3:42-4:08  
Theme A (fast)     2:28-2:36 4:08-4:17 4:35-4:39
Finale       4:17-4:32  


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