Barry Goldberg "Carry On"

(7" single, Verve/Folkways KF5045, 1967)

  1. Ronnie Siegel From Avenue L (Goldberg)
  2. Carry On (Goldberg)

Produced by Tom Wilson

Barry Goldberg—vocals, keyboards, guitar
Mike Bloomfield—guitar
FZ—guitar on "Carry On"


Notes & Comments

Ronnie Siegel From Avenue L Carry On

Skrunch, January 18, 1998

I recently heard a tape of a song apparently called 'Carry On' by an artist named Barry Goldberg. It was suggested that the backing for this number is by FZ and the Mothers.

There is a guitar twiddle following the sung line "I'm walking down the street" which sounds very Zappaesque.

Biffyshrew, January 19, 1998

It sure does—very much the Freak Out era guitar sound. However I suspect it's more likely Harvey Mandel, who played on all of Goldberg's early albums.

Charles Ulrich, November 17, 2005

FZ played on it. The other Mothers didn't.

[The connection came] through Tom Wilson, who produced both the Mothers and Goldberg.

"I played the chords, and Bloomfield played the screeches. And they made this rhythm and blues record, which has a lot of words in it like 'baby'. But I'm sure it's very excellent. Maybe it doesn't even have the words in it like 'baby'. Maybe they got something psychedelic like 'mama'." —FZ, 12/22/66

Verve Records Catalog

KF 5045 Barry Goldberg—Carry On c/w Ronnie Siegel From Avenue L
Barry Goldberg (org, p, g, vo) and others
NYC, February 15, 1967
101791 Carry On
102110 Ronnie Siegel From Avenue L


Additional informant: Javier Marcote

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