Beat The Boots II: Electric Aunt Jemima

Release Information

Electric Aunt Jemima

FOO-EEE Records R2 71019, 1992
Total running time—63:42
Date: ??/Feb/1968
Location: Family Dog, Denver CO
Sound quality: Soundboard B


Notes & Comments

The Correct Venues & Dates

Charles Ulrich

First, Jon Naurin, Graham Connah, and I sorted out the sources of Electric Aunt Jemima. Although the tape circulated as 2/68 Denver, it was actually edited from three sources: 9/28/68 Essen, 10/20/68 Amsterdam, and the tape that circulated as 1/68 Denver.

Second, rock poster guru Eric King gave me the low-down on the 1968 Denver MOI show. It was neither in January nor in February, but on May 3, 1968. Presumably the so-called 1/68 Denver tape comes from the 5/3/68 show.



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