Beat The Boots II: Disconnected Synapses

Release Information

Disconnected Synapses

FOO-EEE Records R2 71017, 1992
Wild Bird Records, Italy, WBR CD 891109 stereo)

Date: December 15th, 1970
Location: Gaumont Palace, Paris France
mixed at "Planet Sound Studios", Florence
Mastered by Stefano Lugli
Sound quality: Soundboard A-
Total Running Time: 62:39


Notes & Comments

"Who Are The Brain Police?" 1970 Version

Sean Gaffney

Why was WAtBP? never released in a Flo and Eddie version?


"Even the old Mothers Of Invention tunes that we play in our repertoire have been rearranged to the point where it's not even the same song anymore. For instance, we do 'Who Are The Brain Police?' and it sounds like Canned Heat."—from an FZ interview in Hit Parader, June 1971



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