Beat The Boots I: As An Am

Release Information

As An Am

Side 1 is live in New York (Palladium) 31-Oct-1981
Side 2 is live in Cologne (Sporthalle) 21-May-1982
Length: ~45 min
Sound quality: Audience B+

Black & white cover with Zappa's face pasted onto some sheet music.

Allegedly a 500-copy numbered edition. The title sounds funny. The way a German speaker (in, say, Cologne) would prounounce it, it would sound exactly like "S&M" in English.

As An Am back cover


Notes & Comments

Limited Edition?


Can anybody tell me if there is a limited edition run of As An Am, on CD? My CD Liner notes say Limited Edition #483 of 500—is this for real, just a copy of the original artwork for the LP, or does every copy have #483 of 500 printed on it?


Every copy of the CD has #483 on it. That's because the cover was reproduced from a vinyl bootleg that DID have Ltd. Ed. numbers on it. My copy of the original vinyl boot is #177.

Young & Monde/Let's Move To Cleveland


If I'm not entirely wrong, Franks "stage-name" (on set-lists et.c.) for "Cleveland" was "Monde". I also read somewhere that "Monde" was something that Vinnie used to say regarding someone on the Ed Sullivan show ? Anyone ?


I already said....Monde is 82 title. Kreegah Bondolah is 84 title. Lets Move To Cleveland is name of secret word version from 84 that was released so that became the official title of the song.



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