Resolver + Brutality

The Tape

Avo Raup, "Resolver + Brutality," Zappa Books

This is an audio cassette containing 58 minutes of synclavier music. The songlist and the title Resolver + Brutality are hand-written by Frank Zappa itself.

[...] The previous owner of this cassette had in her own words—intensive artistic relationship with Frank Zappa, which lasted over several years. She got this cassette directly from Zappa itself.

Resolver + Brutality


1. Resolver ED


2. Big Sequence


3. Brutality

drdork, Zappateers, October 11, 2017

The line "I am not an animal" is definitely a catch-phrase from the film. It's heard in the trailer (or I wouldn't have recognized it in the first place) and (twice) in another scene in the film.

I have no doubt that the sample in "Brutality" is an allusion to The Elephant Man. I leave it to you to determine whether it's a sample of John Hurt's dialogue from the film or just a sample of someone quoting the line.


4. Bondage


5. Oral Sex At Gunpoint


6. Bondage (Maniac Mix)


7. Oral Sex At Gunpoint (Maniac Mix)

Oral Sex At Gunpoint Maniac Mix
0:00-0:12 0:00-0:12
1:59-5:18 0:12-1:48 (different edits and speed)


8. Brutality (Maniac Mix)

Brutality Maniac Mix
0:00-2:29 0:00-2:29



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