Albums By Other Artists With Liner Notes By FZ

The Varese Record

(Finnadar Records SR 9018, 1977)

Ken Walters, quoted in The Zappa Patio

. . . you might add the album The Varese Record (Finnadar Records SR 9018). This is a 1977 reissue of EMS 401 (from 1950) and contains a full reprint (with permission) of the 1971 Zappa Stereo Review article, "Edgard Varese—Idol of My Youth," on the back cover. It could go under "Zappa Liner Notes on Other Artist's Covers".

The track listing is:

1. Ionisation
2. Density 21.5
3. Interpolations from Deserts:
3 a. Interpolation I
3 b. Interpolation II
3 c. Interpolation III
4. Octandre
5. Integrales

The tracks from "Deserts" are "bonus tracks", not from the original album.



(Tenores di Bitti, 1994)

Marco Mataloni, January 14, 2019

As regards the subsection "Albums by other artists with liner notes by Zappa", I think you should add the brief presentation Zappa made on Intonos, a CD (released in 1994) by the folk vocal group Tenores di Bitti from Sardinia. I took a photo of the booklet, but I discovered that the whole story is covered on [Francesco Gentile's] The Resentment Listener.



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