1993—Chronology Sources, Notes & Comments

The Zappa Family Trust

Glovaroma, Inc., v. Maljack Productions, Inc. [MPI], United States District Court, N.D. Illinois, Eastern Division. September 23, 1999

In April 1993, Frank and Gail Zappa transferred their individual rights to all tangible and intangible property to the [Zappa Family] Trust. The written transfer of ownership includes "any copyrights and all renewals and extensions thereof, [and] any trademarks and service marks, applications and registrations therefor."


Adrian Belew

Adrian Belew, interviewed by Gary Marks on March 7, 1994, T'Mershi Duween, August, 1994

I had a dream at about six in the morning and couldn't get back to sleep. In the dream, it was simply Frank and I together, having a conversation. We were talking about his music and I told him what I was doing. When I woke up from it, I realized that I had never really genuinely thanked Frank for helping me out and giving me a start, so I sat down at my computer and wrote up a little fax. I then faxed it off to him and he faxed me back saying, "Call me." I called him and we had a great conversation and he said, "That was very sweet of you, Adrian, to say thanks," and that's an unusual word, "sweet," for him to say. It made me feel really great.

[...] I did visit him about three months ago. We sat in his living-room and talked for about half an hour, but he was tired. This was probably only a couple of months before he died: he seemed very weak and fragile. Then he said he wanted to lie down for a while, so I took a tour of his studio with his assistant Mark. Then I left and that was the last time I really saw him.


Margarita Nights

Robert Martin, T'Mershi Duween #52-53, July-August, 1996

The last time I saw Frank was shortly before he died. Towards the end, he changed his approach socially a little bit. He became a lot more social and started to have Margarita Nights on Friday nights at his house and just invite people from the band, from the arts and film and we would have these wonderful eclectic conglomerates of people. Frank would be relaxing because he was weakening by then.

Joe Travers

Andrew Greenaway, "Interview With Joe Travers," The Idiot Bastard Son, February 14, 2001

IB: During your short time with the Zappas prior to Frank's death, did you participate in any of the Friday night soirées?

JT: Yes. Memorable moments include watching the newly finished 'Mommy' video with Terry Bozzio, Vinnie Colaiuta, and FZ in the room. Also when Gene Simmons came to visit.

IB: Did you ever get to actually record anything with Frank?

JT: No.

Ike Willis

Ike Willis, interviewed by AJ Abrams, Jam Bands, March, 2000

The week before he died I had a last meeting with Frank. He told me to keep his music alive however I can. I do it in every way possible that's not illegal, causes lawsuits, or angers the Zappa family.


Orchestral Project with Steve Vai, Terry Bozzio & Ensemble Modern

Steve Vai, interviewed by Adrian Belew, Guitar For The Practicing Musician, January, 1994

I've also been working with Frank on a concert that he is putting together with the Ensemble Modern from Germany. I think that's a 30- or 40-piece ensemble with supposedly myself, Terry (Bozzio) and we're looking for a bass player to perform some of Frank's most complex music like "Black Page," "Sinister Footwear," "Mo and Herb's Vacation," "Music For Low Budget Orchestra and Guitar" —all these great pieces. Of course, these things don't happen until they happen.


Zappa Hotline Message

Moon Unit, Zappa Hotline Message, as transcribed in Society Pages #12, page 6 (repunctuated by Charles Ulrich)

Thank you for calling. You've reached the Zappa hotline. This is Moon. My family requests that those wishing to send flowers or commemorate my father in some way make a donation in his name either to the Office for Intellectual Freedom of the American Library Association (a 501C tax exempt organization; please phone them at 312-280-4223 or fax them at 312-440-9374) or make a donation in Frank's name to the Cousteau Society, Greenpeace, or any favorite environmental cause. My family is concerned about all those of you who loved Frank and want to do something, but are financially restricted. Just play his music if you're musicians, and otherwise, play his music anyway. That will be enough for him. My family hopes to be able to announce a memorial event at a future date. And lastly, my mother has asked that you be kind to your family and to your friends, and most especially, to yourself.



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