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Por qué no consigues tu . . . tu carnal
que nos compre some wine ese,
ándale, pinche bato, puto, hombre,
no te hagas nalga, hombre . . .
no seas tan denso, hombre,
ándale, dile, porque no merecer,
ándale, pinche vino,
más sua . . . más suave es, más . . . más lindo que la chingada,
hombre, ándale, pinche bato, hombre,
quiere tu carnal, hombre, tu carnal ese,
tú, tú sabes, tú sabes esto de la movida, tú sabes la movida, ese,
tú sabes cómo es, tú sabes, pinche vino, puta,
ándale, pinche bato, cabrón, ándale

Why don't you get . . . your buddy
to buy us some wine, pal
come on, fucking dude, motherfucker, man,
don't be reluctant, man . . .
don't be so thick, man,
come on, tell him, why it isn't worth
come on, fucking wine,
cool . . . it's cooler, it's . . . cuter than the fucking bitch,
man, come on, fucking dude, man,
your buddy wants it, man, your buddy pal,
you, you know, you know how it works, you know how it works, pal,
you know how it is, you know, fucking wine, bitch,
come on, fucking dude, motherfucker, come on
. . . get my chort.  
Ándale, hombre, por qué no, hombre? Come on, man, why not, man?
Te digo que sí, hombre, te digo, chingao ese,
está más . . . está más meco, hombre,
ponemos más mecos que la chingada, ay!
Ay, bato pinche, ay!
I tell you so, man, I tell you, fucking pal,
he's more . . . he's more drunk, man,
we get more drunk than the fucking bitch, ay!
Ay, fucking dude, ay!

Transcription by Joe Rocker, Juan "O'Brien" Quijote, Milena Saqui, Jorge Lesc and Román
English translation by Román, so laugh now, and correct me later

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