VPRO TV, Uddel, Netherlands, June 18, 1970


Jan Donkers: Frank, in a certain way it's surprising to see you back again because last year it was announced that the Mothers had broken up. Why did you break up the group in the first place last year?

FZ: Do you really want me to tell you or do you just want something entertaining?

Jan Donkers: Well tell me, lots of people are interested.

FZ: Well, there are a whole bunch of reasons. It may interest you to learn that the last Mothers Of Invention tour with the old personnel came out ten thousand dollars in debt at the end of the tour, that's one of the reasons. (Applause from the audience) Let's hear it for the Mothers Of Invention . . .

Jan Donkers: Where was the tour, in America?

FZ: Yeah, it was an American tour and I must say we definitely weren't going first class any place but we just had a very high overhead, a lot of equipement to drag around and uh . . .

Jan Donkers: America doesn't like you probably, no?

FZ: No, no, not quite as much as here.

Jan Donkers: Aren't you concerned about your anti-America image then?

FZ: Well, not enough to be dangerous.

Jan Donkers: (Translates the former) Happier question. Why did your form another group then this year?

FZ: I thought it'd be fun..

Jan Donkers: OK.

(Applause from the audience)

FZ: Let's here it for positivity!

Jan Donkers: You gonna tour Europe but not America with this group?

FZ: No, we did a couple of jobs in the United States before we came here and we have about four more after we go back.

Jan Donkers: Hm hm

FZ: But they are all in nice places, so . . . they'll be real easy.

Jan Donkers: A few years ago you told me that you were planning to live in Amsterdam for a while. Have you any plans in this direction now?

FZ: Well, there's talk about doing 200 Motels on VPRO television and at that time I was thinking about living here for a month prior to the production of the show.

Jan Donkers: When will it be?

FZ: December, I think.

Jan Donkers: December. (Translates the former)

FZ: It hasn't— It hasn't been set yet.

Jan Donkers: No, no, I said 'probably' . . .

FZ: (laughter from the audience) Well, how was I to know?

Jan Donkers: Yeah, ha ha . . . There's another question. About this, you know, on the cover of your first album there was this quote from the man who says, "I'm gonna make you guys as big as The Turtles."

FZ: That's right (laughter from the stage!)

Jan Donkers: You think you're as big as The Turtles now, with two people from The Turtles in your group?

FZ: Well it helps a lot if you wanna be as big as The Turtles to have some Turtles in your band.

Flo & Eddie: Allright Frank, right on Frank, right on.

FZ: Take it away, Turtles.

Jan Donkers: If I promise you to make you as big as The Rascals now, what do you do then?

FZ: They'll be, well I don't know, we'll get Dino Danelli on drums . . .

Jan Donkers: Can you please introduce the members of your group to the people and tell them what was the last group they played in?

FZ: Sure, here they are The Turtles down here ladies and gentlemen, Mark and Howie in the brightly coloured uniforms. Carefully concealed behind them amid the shrubbery and electronics is Ian Underwood. For— formerly of the Mothers Of Invention. Aynsley Dunbar, formerly of this bluesband they used to have, Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation and, how's that other one called? The Blue Whale?

Aynsley Dunbar: (from the stage) The Blue Whale, yeah.

FZ: Yes, that one too. And uh, Jeffrey [Suouvette?] Simmons on electrical bass who was formerly employed as the leader of a group from Seattle called The Easy Chair, ladies and gentlemen (laughter from the stage). And over here in the background we have George Duke! Take it away, George. George Duke records for World Pacific and he has his own ensemble known as The George Duke Trio and you may be familliar with his work with the Don Ellis Orchestra and also with Don— uh, Jean-Luc Ponty.

Jan Donkers: Oh great. Final question, your friend Captain Beefheart says he comes from Mars, where do you come from?

FZ: Well, I don't want you to hold it against me, but I come from the United States. (laughter) Alright, now we're going to play a song for you called "Wonderful Wino," and it's dedicated to Mr. Duke on the piano who's really big on the wine.

Wonderful Wino

?: Won't you give me an A sharp?
FZ: If the Monkees were doing this show they'd already be tuned up.
?: Who would care?
FZ: In E.
?: E-e-e-e-e
FZ: Awright that's good enough. Here we go. Tawdriness. One, two, three, four.

Bringing in the sheaves
Bringing in the sheaves
We will come rejoicing
Bringing in the sheaves

L.A. in the summer of '69
I went downtown and bought some wine
Wasted my head on three quarts of juice
And now the grapes won't turn me loose
I'm a wino man
Don't you know I am
Oh, wow-wow

36, 24, hips about 30
I seen a fine lady and I started talkin' dirty
She looked at me and raised her thumb
And said: "Jam down the road, you funky-ass bum"
I'm a wino man
Don't you know I am?
Oh, wow-ow

I, I went to the country
And while I was gone
A roller-headed lady
Caught me weedling on her lawn
I'm so ashamed, 'cause I'm a wino man
And I can't help myself

I'm a wino man
Don't you know I am?

My saxophone playing
And my wino career are in a slump
'Cause I find myself now living
In a cardboard refrigerator box down by the Houston dump
And I'm so ashamed

I've been drinkin' all night till my eyes are all red
Crashed in the gutter, got bugs in my head
Bugs in my coat, been scratchin' like a dog
I can't stand water, and I stink like a hog
Give me fi-i-i-i-i-ive bucks
And a hot meal
Give me fi-i-i-i-i-ive bucks
And a hot meal
Oh, yeah

Mother People

We are the other people
We are the other people
We are the other people
You're the other people too
Found a way to get to you . . .

Do you think that I'm crazy?
Out of my mind?
Do you think that I creep in the night
And sleep in a phone booth?

Lemme take a minute & tell you my plan
Lemme take a minute & tell who I am
If it doesn't show,
Think you better know
I'm another person

Do you think that my pants are too tight?
Do you think that I'm creepy?
Better look around before you say you don't care
Shut your fuckin' mouth about the length of my hair
How would you survive
If you were alive
Shitty little person?

We are the other people
We are the other people
We are the other people
You're the other people too
Found a way to get to you

We are the other people
We are the other people
We are the other people
You're the other people too
Found a way to get to you

Do you think that I love you . . .
Stupid & blind?
Do you think that I dream through the night
Of holding you near me?


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