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Tour(s) on which song is known to have been performed (main source: FZShows, v. 7.1)


A partial list of FZ's performances/quotations of "Octandre" compiled by Charles Ulrich

10/1/67 Copenhagen
7/24/68 Steve Allen Show
4/20/68 (early) New York
5/3/68 Denver (vs. Plastic People)
8/3/68 New York
8/25/68 Vancouver (Road Tapes, Venue #1)
10/3/68 Copenhagen
10/6/68 Bremen
10/26/68 Paris
2/21/69 (early) New York
5/17/69 Detroit
5/23/69 Appleton (quoted in Eric Dolphy Memorial Barbecue)
4/20/74 Toledo (quoted in Dupree's Paradise)
5/1/74 Binghamton (quoted in Cheepnis)
5/8/74 Edinboro (quoted in Dupree's Paradise)
11/26/74 Lincoln (quoted in post-Montana improvisations)
6/11/80 (early) Paris (quoted in Pound For A Brown)
6/14/80 Nantes (quoted in Easy Meat)
7/8/82 Pistoia (quoted in Drowning Witch)
8/22/84 (late) Indianapolis (quoted in Truck Driver Divorce)
3/13/88 Springfield (soundcheck)

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